Impressive AI Video Generation and Voice Cloning with GPT-4 Vision

GPT-4 Vision is an extremely capable AI model with new video models and open source voice cloning. It can perform complex tasks quickly, making it a game changer.

00:00:00 GPT-4 now has Vision capabilities inside chat GPT, allowing users to create AI images. Chat GPT also has an assistant-like feature and covers various AI news.

📰 OpenAI announces updates to chat GPT, including integration with AI image generator Dolly 3 and Vision capabilities in GPT 4.

🗣️ Chat GPT is receiving an assistant-like overhaul on IOS and Android apps, allowing users to have full conversations with it.

🎮 Other AI news includes video games with AI characters and new AI technologies for texturing 3D objects.

00:03:39 GPT-4 Vision showcases its extremely capable AI video models, including open-source voice cloning. Impressive results range from oil paintings to psychedelic and cosmic art styles. Dolly 3 generates rare Pepe variations based on user requests.

🎨 GPT-3 can generate Pepe images in various art styles, from oil paintings to abstract splotches.

🌌 GPT-3's creativity shines as it combines different art styles to create psychedelic and unconventional images.

🔥 GPT-3 continues to push boundaries by generating increasingly strange and rare images, showcasing its versatility as a true art tool.

00:07:20 GPT-4 Vision is showcased in this video, demonstrating its capabilities in 3D rendering, image recognition, transcription, and code generation.

👁️‍🗨️ GPT-4 Vision has the ability to see and analyze images.

💻 Chat GPT integrated with Dolly 3 can provide instructions based on images and text.

✍️ Chat GPT can accurately transcribe and translate handwritten text.

📝 Chat GPT can convert images of physical objects into computer programs.

00:11:02 GPT-4 Vision demonstrates its capabilities in various domains, including coding, math problem-solving, painting critique, and code generation from whiteboard images.

🔍 GPT-4 Vision can recreate drawings and images in HTML, making it a powerful tool for web development.

📚 GPT-4 Vision can solve math problems, potentially making homework easier for students.

🎨 GPT-4 Vision can provide constructive criticism and suggestions to improve paintings.

💻 GPT-4 Vision can generate code based on a whiteboarding session, saving time and effort in programming.

00:14:42 GPT-4 Vision is an extremely capable AI model with new video models and open source voice cloning. It can perform complex tasks quickly, making it a game changer. Additionally, a new AI player, Genmo AI, has entered the video generation space with their model called Replay, which generates high-definition videos from text prompts.

👁️ GPT-4 Vision is extremely capable and surpasses previous Vision models.

🤝 GPT-4 Vision can understand complex logic and perform tasks at remarkable speed.

🎥 A new AI video generation model called Replay by Genmo AI offers smooth and high-definition videos from text prompts.

00:18:25 GPT-4 Vision is an impressive AI video generation tool with new features announced by YouTube, including AI video backgrounds, personalized video ideas, auto dubbing, assistive music search, and more. Playground AI is also developing a powerful graphics editor, and Meshy AI can texture 3D models in seconds.

👁️‍🗨️ A new player has entered the AI video generation space, offering impressive results comparable to existing models.

📹 YouTube has announced a suite of AI tools for creators, including AI video backgrounds, personalized video insights, automatic dubbing, and assistive music search.

🎨 Playground AI is developing a new graphics editor that allows for easy generation of AI art with variations and comparisons.

🖌️ Meshy AI enables quick and realistic texturing of 3D models, simplifying the process for developers.

00:22:06 GPT-4 Vision's capabilities in AI video models, open source voice cloning, and AI-generated characters showcased. Exciting advancements in gaming and virtual reality.

🔑 AI technology can generate realistic textures and models in real-time for video game designers.

🗣️ Open source voice cloning allows for voice replication in different languages using short audio clips.

🎮 The future of video games includes AI-generated characters with unique personalities and immersive detective gameplay.

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