The Science-Politics Connection: Navigating Controversy and Values in Policy Making | Amy Lewis | TEDxCSU

Bridging the gap between science and politics, Amy Lewis explores the controversy surrounding science and its impact on policy decisions.

00:00:07 In a TEDx talk, Amy Lewis discusses the challenge of bridging the gap between science and politics. She explores how people use information differently to come to political conclusions.

👥 Understanding why people disagree in politics and how they use information differently to come to conclusions.

🦖 Personal anecdote about a childhood argument over the identity of a stuffed animal.

🌍💥 Knowledge about Triceratops and their extinction, but unwillingness to accept it as a child.

00:02:43 In this TEDx talk, Amy Lewis explores the political controversy surrounding science and how society's dependence on science affects its perception.

🦖 Science can be politically controversial, despite society's pride in scientific achievements.

🌍✨ The less dependent we are on science, the more controversial it becomes.

🔬🗳️ American society seems to be divided into two tribes when it comes to science and policymaking.

00:05:17 This TEDx talk explores why there are so many science skeptics in policymaking. It considers the hypotheses that skeptics either don't understand science or don't prioritize it.

🔬 The public discourse on science and policymaking is divided between scientists and science skeptics.

📚 One hypothesis is that science skeptics lack understanding of science.

⚠️ Another hypothesis is that science skeptics simply don't prioritize science.

00:07:51 Scientific literacy has significantly increased in the US since 1988, but belief in evolution has declined. In the EU, scientific literacy is lower but belief in human-induced climate change is higher. The more scientifically literate people are, the more disagreement there is about scientific conclusions.

📊 Scientific literacy has increased from 10% to 28% in the US from 1988 to 2008.

🔍 Belief in evolution has declined from 45% to 40% in the US.

🌍 The EU is less scientifically literate than the US, but has higher belief in human-induced climate change.

🧮 The divide over belief in evolution is wider among religious people who show familiarity with math and science.

💬 Science skeptics are not as dismissive of science as perceived.

00:10:24 How people prioritize information based on their values affects policy decisions. Acknowledging power disparities and being effective political communicators are essential.

🌍 The video discusses the different perspectives on science in politics, highlighting that while some politicians acknowledge the value of science in decision-making, others reject it.

🧠 The speaker explains that people's values play a significant role in how they prioritize information and make policy decisions, suggesting that values are more influential than facts in politics.

💡 To become more effective political communicators, the speaker recommends acknowledging power disparities and the influence of powerful lobbies on the media.

00:12:58 Learn how to navigate politics by building powerful organizations and networks, using the power of storytelling, and actively listening to others.

💡 Understanding that facts alone are not enough, focusing on building political organizations and networks.

📚 Recognizing the power of storytelling in shaping public opinion and inspiring action.

👂 Emphasizing the importance of active listening and understanding others' values in political debates.

00:15:35 Understanding the prioritization of values is crucial in policymaking. Connect with others by honoring their beliefs and framing arguments in their context for more effective and respectful dialogue.

Science is a value that is prioritized differently by individuals

Understanding different values is crucial for making informed policy decisions

Connecting to others' values leads to more effective and respectful dialogue

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