Navigating the cookieless era: New strategies for effective advertising.

Adapting to the cookieless future and leveraging new signals for branding and audience targeting.

00:00:15 Learn about the upcoming change in online advertising and how cookies are becoming less prominent in today's digital landscape.

Cookies have been a significant technology in the advertising landscape for over 20 years.

The panelists are experts from CV Library Group, Assembly Global, Google, and RTB House.

The video discusses the importance of the upcoming shift to a cookieless environment and its impact on digital marketing.

00:03:00 The video discusses the need to replace third-party cookies for privacy reasons and introduces the Privacy sandbox project, which aims to develop alternative technologies. These technologies will be tested by 100 Chrome users globally for 12 months before third-party cookies are removed in 2024.

πŸͺ The third-party cookie is no longer viable due to privacy concerns and changing regulations.

πŸ”’ The Privacy Sandbox project aims to develop new technologies to support ad-supported business models while protecting user privacy.

🌐 Chrome will roll out these new technologies to 100 users globally in two weeks, allowing for testing and optimization before the removal of third-party cookies in 2024.

πŸ‘₯πŸ’‘ Retargeting relies on user profiling, auction bidding, and personalized ads, all currently powered by cookies.

00:05:44 Learning to surf: Adapting to the changes in online advertising without relying on third party cookies.

πŸͺ With the removal of third-party cookies, first-party cookies can still be used to collect valuable user data.

πŸ’° Retargeting and personalized ads can still be done effectively after the removal of third-party cookies.

🧩 Diversifying channels and maintaining performance are crucial for brands and agencies during the transition.

00:08:27 Learn how to navigate the cookieless era with collaborative tools and signals. Discover new branding solutions like the topics API for interest-based targeting without compromising user privacy.

🌊 The video discusses solutions to navigate the cookieless era that are available to anyone.

πŸ” New signals, such as the topics API, can be used to target users based on their interests without revealing personal information.

🎯 Advertisers can still reach their target audience through alternative tactics like contextual targeting and leveraging first-party data.

00:11:10 Learning to surf: Adapting to the cookieless future and leveraging new signals for branding and audience targeting.

🌊 RTB House focuses on both retargeting and branding, with a new signal called topics API for branding products.

πŸ“’ RTB House is launching Prime audience to create audiences using the topic signal.

πŸͺ Different stakeholders have different responsibilities in preparing for cookieless changes, including leveraging own data and obtaining consent for re-engagement.

00:13:53 Learning to surf: Riding the wave of cookieless change. A discussion about the challenges and preparations for the upcoming changes in online advertising, with a focus on finding the best solutions for clients based on their objectives.

🌊 Learning to surf: Riding the wave of cookieless change.

πŸ”Ž Understanding available options and finding the best solution for clients.

πŸ“ˆ Preparing for testing and optimization in the new environment.

πŸ’Ό Examples of businesses that are well prepared for the cookieless change.

00:16:37 Learn about the upcoming changes in online advertising and how it will affect advertisers and agencies. Discover the new tools and signals being implemented for a more private and effective advertising ecosystem.

🌊 The video discusses the transition from third-party cookies to more private and secure methods of tracking user data.

πŸ” The transition aims to provide users with a more private and secure browsing experience.

πŸš€ This change opens up new possibilities for targeted and performance-based advertising campaigns.

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