The Power of Prophetic Words in Marriage

Discover the power of prophetic words in marriage and how they can bring about powerful changes to manifest in reality.

00:00:01 Discover the power of words in marriage and how to establish God's will in your relationship. Learn how to be ambassadors of His kingdom.

Our words have immense power and can affect our marriages.

As spouses, we cannot change or persuade our partners on our own, but we can manifest the power of Christ through us.

We have the authority to establish God's will and be ambassadors for His kingdom.

00:03:56 Discover the power of prophetic words in marriage and how they can bring about powerful changes to manifest in reality. Activate spiritual laws to establish Yahweh's purpose in life.

⚡️ Understanding the spiritual principles can bring powerful changes in our lives.

🌟 Witches are powerful because they know and activate spiritual laws.

🔑 Allowing the Spirit of God to govern our lives leads to visible transformation.

00:07:51 Activating the spiritual world through prophetic words brings power and aligns with our identity in Yahshua. Trust God's will, not our desires. Have faith and authority, avoiding deception and fulfilling Yahweh's purpose. Glorify God in all things.

📜 Speaking the word of God activates the spiritual realm and requires faith.

💪 Obedience and faith are essential for spiritual authority.

🔮 The power of prophetic words can bring healing and eliminate obstacles.

00:11:47 Repeat these words and observe what happens in your MARRIAGE || THE PROPHETIC WORD 📜. Declare your position in the spiritual world. Believe in Yahweh and establish a strong foundation as a wife. Strengthen your marriage through love, empathy, and fidelity.

📜 Establish your spiritual position with declarations from Isaiah 58:11 and Acts 16:31.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Your conduct as a spouse can lead your husband to Yahshua.

❤️ Your husband should love and honor you as Christ loved the church.

00:15:44 Repeating empowering words strengthens my marriage as my husband admires, loves, and respects me more each day. We are a united and joyful couple, attracting continuous love.

Profetized according to Yahweh's will in Ephesians 5:28-23.

Emphasized the importance of love and respect in marriage.

Affirmed the unity and happiness of the couple in their relationship.

00:19:40 Repeating these words improves a marriage: trust, fidelity, attraction, love, respect, kindness. The couple treats each other better, admires each other more, accepts each other's flaws, and strengthens their relationship.

👫 My spouse and I support and trust each other with no resentments or suspicions.

💖 Our love for each other grows stronger every day, and we admire and accept each other's flaws.

🔒 Our relationship is stable, solid, and unbreakable, and we overcome any obstacles together.

00:23:38 In this video, the importance of love, respect, and trust in a marriage is emphasized. The couple shares a deep connection and are happy, fulfilled, and in love with each other.

💑 My spouse and I have a strong and passionate connection, respecting and accepting each other as we are.

👫 We have open communication, mutual respect, and value each other's thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

❤️ Our marriage is filled with tenderness, attraction, admiration, and love, making us both happy and fulfilled.

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