Review of the Stylish ORA Funky Cat 2023 Electric Car

The ORA Funky Cat 2023 is a stylish electric car with advanced features and a practical interior, starting at £32,000.

00:00:00 The ORA Funky Cat 2023 is a larger electric car with design inspiration from various models. The interior is funky and stylish with easy-to-use technology. The starting price is just under £32,000. Watch the video for a full review.

🚗 The Aura Funky Cat is a Chinese electric car that is larger than expected, measuring about the same size as a Volkswagen ID3.

👀 The design of the Aura Funky Cat is inspired by other cars, with elements resembling the Fiat 500, Nissan Leaf, Mini, and Porsche 911.

💰 The Aura Funky Cat has a starting price of just under 32,000 pounds.

🏎️ The interior of the Aura Funky Cat features a funky design with two-tone choices and squidgy materials, making it more appealing than the Volkswagen ID3.

🎮 The infotainment system in the Aura Funky Cat is easier to use compared to the Volkswagen ID3, although some climate controls need to be operated through the touchscreen.

00:02:38 The ORA Funky Cat 2023 offers a fully loaded package with a practical layout, comfortable interior, and advanced features. It has a few minor downsides like low under thigh support and limited space for three adults in the back.

The ORA Funky Cat 2023 has some missing features but can be updated with over-the-air updates.

The car offers practical storage options and a convenient driving experience.

The rear seat space is comfortable but lacks under thigh support and can be tight for three adults.

00:05:10 Review of the ORA Funky Cat 2023: spacious rear seats with cup holders, decent rear door bins, but small boot and lack of storage space. Limited USB ports and outdated design choices.

🔍 The ORA Funky Cat has spacious seating and rear door bins, but its boot size is small and lacks storage space.

The car has limited USB charging ports and outdated USB connections, as well as inconveniently located cup holders.

💡 The absence of a light for the vanity mirror and difficulty in removing the low cover are notable issues.

00:07:47 Review of the ORA Funky Cat 2023: driving mode button placement is inconvenient, but the car has cool features like a sport mode jingle, light dances, face recognition, 360-degree view cameras, transparent chassis, and a good voice assistant.

🚗 The location of the driving mode select button in the car is considered inconvenient.

🔊 The car has different sounds and jingles to indicate different modes, such as sport, eco, and auto.

🌟 The car has several cool features, including light dances when opening and closing, face recognition technology, and 360-degree view cameras.

00:10:23 The review is about the ORA Funky Cat 2023. It comes with various safety systems and a 48 kWh battery pack. The range is 193 miles, more than a Honda e and mini electric. It has a single electric motor with 171 horsepower.

The ORA Funky Cat comes with various safety features, including automatic cruise control with Lane keeping assist and radar detection.

The ORA Funky Cat has a range of 193 miles and a single electric motor that puts out 171 horsepower.

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00:13:00 A review of the ORA Funky Cat 2023, highlighting its driving experience, visibility, turning circle, braking, suspension, steering, and performance on fast roads.

🚗 The ORA Funky Cat allows for driving in town using only the accelerator, with good forward visibility but limited rear visibility.

🔄 The turning circle of the ORA Funky Cat is 11.2 meters, slightly larger than the Volkswagen ID3, but still manageable.

🔧 The brakes of the ORA Funky Cat are inconsistent, but the suspension and steering perform well at slow speeds.

💨 At higher speeds, the ORA Funky Cat experiences wind noise and a less comfortable suspension, but it has a strong pickup for acceleration.

The range of the ORA Funky Cat is not mentioned.

00:15:30 A review of the ORA Funky Cat 2023 electric car reveals its range and driving experience. Despite some handling issues, it is considered a decent option.

⚡️ The ORA Funky Cat electric car has a range of 133 miles on a full battery.

🚗 The steering of the ORA Funky Cat feels artificial and numb, reducing confidence in cornering.

⏱️ The ORA Funky Cat accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.27 seconds.

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