Nurturing Knowledge: Unveiling the Concept of Digital Gardening

Discover the power of Digital Gardening: continuously improving online knowledge sharing to create a vibrant learning community.

00:00:01 Digital Gardening is a way to share knowledge online and help others learn. It's like a blog, but constantly updated and improved to create a strong digital community.

🌱 Digital gardening is an online space where digital gardeners share ideas and knowledge.

🌐 In 2020, there was a rise in people learning and sharing their knowledge online.

🌿 Digital gardens can be continuously updated and improved, similar to tending to plants in a garden.

00:01:14 Learn how to create a digital garden to enhance learning and connect ideas. Explore the benefits of digital thinking and learning for content creators and learners alike.

🌱 Digital gardening allows for easy organization of ideas in a digital space.

✂️ Trimming a digital garden involves categorizing ideas based on their growth stage.

🧠 Digital gardening offers benefits to both content creators and learners.

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