Building a SaaS Business without Developers: Best No-Code Tools for Mobile, Web, and Marketplace Apps

Discover the best no-code tools for building a SaaS business without developers. Learn how they generate recurring revenues. Find out recommended tools for mobile, web, and marketplace apps.

00:00:00 Discover the best no-code tools for building a SaaS business without the need for developers. Learn the advantages of the software-as-a-service model and how it generates recurring revenues.

🔑 No-code tools are essential for building a successful SaaS business.

🌐 SaaS stands for Software as a Service, where users pay for monthly or yearly access to cloud-based software.

🚀 Successful SaaS businesses include, Canva, Slack, Vero, Notion, and more.

00:02:36 This video discusses the essential elements needed to create a SaaS and recommends Adalo as the best tool for building mobile applications.

🔑 Software as a Service (SaaS) is an online service that can be accessed with an internet connection.

💻 To create a SaaS, you need a login feature, a payment module, and the ability to show/hide features based on payment.

📱 Adalo is a recommended tool for building mobile applications with built-in user login and payment integration.

00:05:14 The best no-code tools for building a mobile app and a web application are Flutter Flow and Bubble respectively. They offer powerful features, drag-and-drop interfaces, and easy app deployment.

📱 FlutterFlow is the best no-code tool for building complex mobile applications.

🌐 Bubble is the top choice for creating a SaaS platform on the web.

💻 Bubble's interface allows for easy app development, data management, and payment integration.

00:07:52 Learn about the best no-code tools for building a SaaS, including Bubble for proposals and invoices, Webflow for website building, and Sharetribe for marketplaces.

🔧 Bubble is a no-code tool called Incomey that helps you create proposals, invoices, and manage customers.

💻 Webflow is a top-notch website builder that can be combined with Member Stack to add subscription features and control access to content.

🛒 Sharetribe is a ready-to-use marketplace platform that allows you to build a marketplace without coding.

00:10:27 Discover the best no-code tools for building a SaaS, including Airtable. Learn how you can customize and monetize your platform while discussing the challenges of building marketplaces.

📋 Sharetribe allows you to define the percentage you earn from each sale on your marketplace.

💼 Marketplaces require two types of users to join: service providers and service seekers.

🔧 Airtable is a powerful tool for managing and automating data, with features for visualization, storage, and sending automated emails.

00:13:05 Discover the best no-code tools for building a SaaS. Learn how to integrate Airtable for data storage and automation. Also, explore the power of Zapier and Integromat for tool chaining and seamless workflows.

🔑 Airtable is a useful tool for storing SaaS data and automating processes.

🔗 Zapier is a must-have tool for connecting different tools and automating sequences.

🧩 Integromat is an alternative tool to Zapier for integrating and automating different tools.

00:15:42 Discover the benefits of using a visual tool for data flow and integration, and the power of a multiplexer feature. Choose either Make or Zapier to streamline your business logic and avoid confusion with multiple tools. Check out the video for step-by-step guidance.

🔑 Make is a no-code tool that provides visual data flow and progress visualization.

🔄 Make has great integrations, including a superior one for Adalo compared to Zapier.

🌐 Make has a multiplexer feature that allows sending data in multiple directions simultaneously.

👥 It is recommended to choose either Make or Zapier to avoid confusion and overlapping business logic.

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