The Art of Closing Deals: Mastering the 'Amarre' Technique

Master the 'Amarre' technique and effectively close deals by gaining buyer approval through strategic questioning and silence.

00:00:00 Learn how to close deals effectively by handling difficult customers with no expression or reaction to your pitch.

🔑 Learning techniques to close deals with difficult customers.

🤝 Importance of building rapport with potential buyers.

✂️ Dealing with challenging customers who show no emotions.

00:01:03 Learn the technique of closing a sale by gaining the approval of the potential buyer through effective questioning and strategic silence.

The video discusses a closing technique called cierre a marte or cierre amarre.

This technique involves getting the potential buyer's approval or affirmation by showing them the value of the product.

The key to this technique is to remain silent after presenting the product and wait for the person's response.

00:02:07 Learn about the technique of closing a deal called 'Amarre' and its various benefits and features.

💼 There are many benefits and features associated with the technique called 'Amarre'.

💡 The speaker emphasizes the importance of demonstrating these benefits and features to the audience.

🤐 The speaker uses a tactic of silence to prompt the audience to express interest and potential use of the technique.

00:03:11 Learn the closing technique called 'Amarre'. Use persuasive language to persuade buyers to make a purchase.

🔒 The closing technique discussed in the video is called 'Amarre', which aims to persuade the person to buy a product or service.

💡 By using the Amarre technique, it becomes difficult for the person to say no when approached with a sales pitch.

💰 The video emphasizes offering the product at a low price as part of the final closing technique.

00:04:15 Learn a powerful technique to influence others and guide them towards making better decisions.

🔑 Closing technique: Tie-up

💡 Making small closures before the final closure to ensure a good decision

🌟 Expressive or non-expressive individuals can be persuaded using the tie-up technique

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