DJI AIR 3 from AliExpress: Unboxing, Import Process, and Camera Specifications

Unboxing and review of DJI AIR 3 drone purchased from AliExpress. Import process, tax discussion, and camera specifications.

00:00:06 Unboxing and review of the DJI AIR 3 drone purchased from AliExpress. Did it get taxed? Find out the import process.

📦 Unboxing and review of the DJI AIR 3 drone purchased from AliExpress.

🔍 Explanation of the purchasing process and importation of the drone from China.

🚫 Discussion on whether the drone was subjected to customs tax.

00:01:24 Unboxing and review of a DJI AIR 3 drone purchased from AliExpress without any additional taxes. Fast delivery and compact size.

The DJI AIR 3 drone was purchased at a lower price than current market value.

The drone arrived quickly and without any customs taxes.

In the description, the drone was declared as a toy and its weight was stated as 500.

00:02:43 Unboxing of a heavy drone bought from abroad, with a low declared value to avoid high taxes. Risky purchase due to potential high taxes.

📦 The DJI AIR 3 drone, purchased from AliExpress, arrived in a heavy box weighing almost 3kg, despite the drone itself weighing only 700g.

💰 The declared value of the drone was significantly lower than its actual price, possibly to avoid high import taxes, which could have amounted to over 3,000 reais.

🔍 Factors considered before purchasing the drone included the size of the box and the potential risk of being taxed at a high rate.

00:04:02 Unboxing and review of DJI AIR 3 from AliExpress. Discusses customs tax and package sizes that may or may not be taxed. Shows contents of the package.

📦 The size of the package can determine if it will be subject to taxation during importation.

💰 Smaller packages may have a higher chance of being taxed compared to larger ones.

🛫 The video provides an unboxing of the DJI AIR 3 drone, which is the Standard version.

00:05:22 Unboxing of DJI AIR 3 from AliExpress. Includes drone, propellers, charger, and manual. Compact packaging and potential for no tax. Controller similar to Mini 3.

📦 The DJI Air 3 is unboxed, revealing a small box containing the drone and accessories.

🚁 Inside the box, there are six propellers, with four going on the drone and two as spares.

🎮 The controller for the DJI Air 3 is similar to the Mini 3 controller, with a few design differences.

00:06:43 A review of the DJI Air 3 from AliExpress. The drone is large and heavy, with sensors and a removable battery. It has protective arms and charging input.

🚁 The DJI Air 3 drone is large and heavy with thin arms.

🔋 The drone comes with a battery that has a capacity of 4,241 milliampere hours.

📸 The drone has sensors on all sides and a charging port for the battery.

00:08:03 Unboxing of the DJI Air 3 drone from AliExpress. Includes a discussion of the camera specifications and importing experience.

The video is an unboxing and review of the DJI AIR 3 drone.

The drone has two cameras, one on top with a 70mm lens and an aperture of 2.8, and one on the bottom with a 24mm lens and an aperture of 1.7.

The video concludes by mentioning future videos about the drone and thanking the audience.

Summary of a video "DJI AIR 3 do ALIEXPRESS! fui TAXADO? - UNBOXING" by Kaique Ramalho on YouTube.

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