Recycling Electronic Waste and Building a Sustainable Future

Fernando Nilo discusses the importance of recycling electronic waste and the environmental impact of e-waste. He emphasizes social entrepreneurship and invites viewers to join an eco-friendly marathon for e-waste recycling.

00:00:00 Fernando Nilo, founder of Recicla Chile, talks about recycling electronic waste and sustainability. He explains the importance of addressing the new waste of the century.

💡 Fernando Nilo is the founder of Recicla Chile, an initiative focused on recycling electronic waste and providing sustainability consultations.

💼 His work in social entrepreneurship has been recognized by various organizations, including the Suat Foundation and receiving awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year.

🌎 Recicla Chile addresses the issue of electronic waste, also known as e-waste, and promotes its proper recycling and management.

00:01:05 A discussion on the environmental impact of electronic waste and the importance of recycling. The speaker emphasizes the need for social entrepreneurship and innovation while caring for the environment.

🌍 Electronic waste, containing harmful substances, poses a threat to the environment.

🔄 Recycla aims to create a positive environmental change through social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Despite progress, there is still a significant amount of electronic waste being discarded.

00:02:09 Fernando Nilo, founder of Recycla, encourages recycling in Chile and invites Google+ users to join an eco-friendly marathon for e-waste recycling and job creation.

🌍 The Common Pitch Chile is a social entrepreneurship initiative focused on recycling.

🗓️ May 17th is declared as the national and international day of recycling in Chile.

♻️ A marathon event is organized to promote recycling and create job opportunities for marginalized women.

00:03:13 Learn about the Common Pitch Chile program with Fernando Nilo from Recycla. Join the #googlecommon community on Google+.

🌍 Recycling is an important activity that can help improve the world.

📅 The speaker invites people to visit a website and get involved in recycling projects.

💻 The audience can engage by sending comments and questions through a specific hashtag on Google+.

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