72H at Sea: Protecting Whales in the Mediterranean

Join an incredible scientific mission to study and protect whales in the Mediterranean. Experience the wonders of the ocean and the threats they face. Let's save the ocean and our existence!

00:00:00 Join us on an incredible scientific mission with Denis Audi and the WWF to study and protect whales. Experience the wonders of the ocean and the threats they face. Let's save the ocean and our own existence!

🌊 The video is about a mission to protect the ocean and the whales.

🐋 The mission focuses on studying the behavior of wild whales, specifically the common rorqual.

🚢 The team spends several days at sea to prevent the dangers threatening whale survival.

00:03:39 72 hours at sea to save the whales! Join the crew on a mission to protect marine biodiversity, using innovative technology to locate and preserve whale populations in the Mediterranean.

The video is about a mission to save whales in the Mediterranean Sea.

The common rorqual whales are being threatened by pollution and collisions with boats.

The mission aims to ensure the future of whales by testing a new whale tracking technology.

00:07:09 72H at sea to save whales! Study their behavior, position buoys up to 2000m deep, track activity, deploy camera and tag on whales for unique observation.

🐋 Observing whale behavior and finding solutions.

🔎 Positioning buoys to track whale activity and using a camera for further observation.

Utilizing sails and minimizing fuel usage for a comfortable and eco-friendly voyage.

00:10:39 A team is conducting research on whales' behavior near ships to understand how they react. They are also tracking whales and collecting data to study their movement patterns.

🐋 The video discusses the trajectory of a whale and the importance of understanding its movements in relation to ships.

🚢 Research on whale collisions with ships is currently limited, but it is becoming an increasingly important issue due to the impact on global trade.

🌊 Despite the numerous threats to the ocean, many people are actively engaged in studying and protecting whales.

00:14:10 72H at sea to save the whales! An incredible experience of getting close to these magnificent creatures without causing them stress.

🐋 The team embarked on a 72-hour journey to save whales in the open sea.

They needed to approach the whales slowly to avoid causing them stress and still be able to tag them.

⚗️ During the second observation, they performed a biopsy on a new whale to collect skin and fat tissue.

00:17:41 72H at sea to save whales! Conducting biopsy tests to gather information about the whales' skin and contaminants. Successfully launched a buoy and now waiting to retrieve the attached device.

🐋 The video showcases the process of conducting a biopsy on a whale to gather information about its skin and contaminants.

🎣 A specialized arrow with a float attached to it is used to collect a small piece of skin and blubber from the whale.

🔬 The collected samples are crucial in determining the level of plastic pollution in whales and studying their overall health.

00:21:12 A team retrieves data from a deep-sea device to track and protect whales, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts. Title: 72H en pleine mer pour sauver les baleines!.

🌊 A team goes on a 72-hour expedition to recover data from deep underwater, including a device at a depth of 2500 meters.

🐋 Efforts to conserve the planet and support the WWF are important in preserving the environment and protecting whales.

🌍 Supporting the WWF and making small changes in our daily lives can make a difference in saving the planet.

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