The Frozen Grand Central Phenomenon

People freeze in Grand Central Station, causing confusion and curiosity.

00:00:01 A group of people freezes in place in a public space for five minutes before unfreezing and leaving.

👥 A group of people gathered in a public place to participate in a synchronized freeze for five minutes.

⏱️ The freeze mission lasted for five minutes before participants unfroze and left.

The duration of this freeze event is unknown, as some participants were unsure how long it had been happening.

00:01:06 A strange phenomenon occurs in Grand Central Station as people freeze in place, creating confusion and intrigue.

👥 A large group of people freeze in place in a busy location, confusing onlookers.

📢 Some speculate that it may be a form of protest or an acting class.

👏 The frozen people suddenly start moving again, leaving everyone amazed.

00:02:12 A phenomenon occurs where people freeze in place in Grand Central station, creating confusion and curiosity.

👀 The video is titled 'Frozen Grand Central'.

🤔 The narrator initially thought they were the only person seeing something in the video.

💭 The video was captioned by

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