The importance of window film for new cars - DOMO Indonesia

Exploring the need for window film on a new car and the durability and heat rejection of different options.

00:00:00 Should I put window film on my new car? Exploring the pros and cons of free window film provided by the dealer.

šŸš— The cost of installing window film on a car increases as the price of the car increases.

šŸ’” Car dealers and retail shops provide window film installation services.

šŸ“¹ The speaker has previously made videos about window film installation and prefers the third option.

ā“ Cars do not come with window film installed from the factory.

šŸ†“ The video will discuss free window film installation provided by car dealers.

00:01:03 Does owning an expensive car mean you don't need to install window film? Car dealers and vendors provide limited options, but higher-priced films last longer.

šŸš— Higher-end cars may not have window film installed due to customer preferences and budget constraints.

šŸ’° Car dealers or dealerships often provide window film as a budget reduction tactic from their commission.

šŸ”Œ Local vendors are commonly chosen to supply window film due to existing connections and affordability.

00:02:06 Should you change the car window film after buying a new car? Test the durability of the film and measure its heat rejection using a tool. Choose a film based on data and personal preference.

āš™ļø There is a tool to test the durability of window film on a new car.

šŸ“Š Measure using data to accurately choose the right window film for your car.

šŸš— Window film not only provides privacy but also blocks heat.

00:03:10 Should I change the window film after buying a new car? - DOMO Indonesia

šŸ”‘ The performance of a car's window film in rejecting heat is important to consider when purchasing a new car.

šŸŒ”ļø The ability of the window film to stay cool when touched indicates its heat rejection capability.

šŸš— It is recommended to choose window film with superior specifications and proven effectiveness in rejecting UV rays.

00:04:14 Cuaca Panas Banget! Abis Beli Mobil Baru Apa Perlu Ganti Kaca Film? - DOMO Indonesia.

šŸš— When parking the car at night, it is important to open the windows on both sides to ensure visibility.

šŸŽžļø In Indonesia, there are no restrictions on the darkness of window film, unlike in other countries.

šŸ” It is recommended to check the window film after 2-3 years of use.

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