Surprising Transformation of a 'Not So Dirty' Car!

A detailer reacts to a customer's car that appears not very dirty but is actually covered in mud.

00:00:00 A detailer cleans a customer's muddy luxury SUV, questioning why the owner took it off-roading. The vehicle has low mileage for its age.

🚗 The owner of a 2008 Acura MDX decided to go mudding with their luxury SUV.

💦 The detailer is excited about pressure washing the muddy car and seeing the instant transformation.

📅 Despite being 15 years old, the MDX has low mileage, which makes the detailer question why the owner took it through a mud pit.

00:04:01 A detailer reacts to a customer's car that appears not very dirty but is actually covered in mud. The detailer uses specialized tools to thoroughly clean the car's exterior, including the wheel wells and undercarriage.

🚗 Plastic liners in older vehicles hold up better over time than carpeted liners in newer ones.

💦 The underside of the vehicle is completely covered in mud, requiring the use of an undercarriage sprayer.

🧽 The vehicle is meticulously hand washed using the two bucket method and a soft microfiber wash mitt.

00:08:35 Detailer cleans customer's car, notices how clean door jams indicate good maintenance. Recommends soft rubber floor mats. Offers membership for sneak peeks and updates.

🚪 Dirty door jambs are a sign of poor vehicle maintenance.

🚘 Owner cleaned car well except for recent trip to mud pit.

🔀 Soft rubber floor mats resist staining and look new over time.

00:13:13 A detailer cleans a surprisingly clean car, focusing on the small areas that need attention and using various cleaning techniques.

🚗 The detailer uses a Boar's hair detail brush to clean the vehicle's interior, paying attention to all the little crevices.

🧼 The carpets in the vehicle are not very dirty, except for the border around the floor mats, which the detailer will focus on cleaning.

💦 If there are lingering stains and dirt, the detailer will use steam and a brush attachment to effectively remove them.

00:17:14 A detailer reacts to a customer's 'not so dirty' car, but finds it to be a super muddy disaster. The cleaner compliments the high-quality materials used in the vehicle and demonstrates effective cleaning methods.

🚗 The Acura MDX has high-quality materials, including thick carpet in the back seats and cargo area.

💦 Using steam alone is an effective and least aggressive method for cleaning stuck-on dirt and crud from crevices.

🛋️ The leather seats in the car can be easily cleaned with a leather cleaner and a steamer or a soft brush.

00:21:34 A detailer uses a graphene spray coating to protect and restore a dirty car, including a final vacuum for a perfect finish.

🚗 The detailer uses a graphene spray coating to protect and restore the car's paint.

🧼 The final step of the detail is a thorough vacuuming to ensure a clean interior for the owner.

💼 The detailer explains the personal preference of choosing graphene spray over ceramic spray or paint sealant.

00:25:55 A detailer cleans a heavily muddy car, making it look almost brand new.

🚗 After nine hours of detailing, the muddy MDX car is almost looking brand new.

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