The Impact of North Korea's Support for Russia in the Ukraine-Russia War

North Korea's support for Russia in the Ukrainian conflict could impact the war through the provision of missiles, artillery, and ammunition.

00:00:00 North Korea's support for Russia in the Ukrainian conflict could involve the provision of missiles, artillery, and ammunition, potentially impacting the war.

🌟 Recent visit of Kim Jong Un to Russia has raised speculations on the type of weapons North Korea can acquire from Russia and the impact it will have on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

🚀 Russia and North Korea have reached agreements for cooperation in relevant technologies, with North Korea seeking assistance in Russian technology due to its own problems in the aviation field.

💪 Despite being a small country, North Korea's military strength and arsenal make it capable of providing certain support to Russia in conventional weapons during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

00:01:53 North Korea's support of Russia in the Ukraine conflict may have an impact, as it can provide missiles, artillery, and ammunition. This could affect the balance of power in the war.

🔑 North Korea's military expenditure is one of the highest in the world, with a significant portion dedicated to the artillery system.

💥 The Russian army lacks artillery capabilities in comparison to North Korea's vast firepower.

🔫 To maintain their firepower advantage, the Russian army needs to increase its artillery and ammunition.

00:03:23 How will North Korea's unconditional support for Russia in the Ukraine-Russia war impact the conflict? The video discusses the influence of North Korean missiles, artillery, and ammunition on the war.

North Korea's artillery technology is derived from Russian artillery technology and can be used effectively with minimal training.

North Korea has locally produced tanks and artillery, but these weapons are based on Soviet models.

North Korea has also acquired missile technology from the Soviet Union and has developed its own heavy rocket artillery.

00:05:08 North Korea is rumored to be providing military aid to Russia, including missiles and artillery. The KN-23 missile is similar to the Russian Iskander M, with greater range and capabilities. The KN-24 missile is a lighter version with precise guidance. North Korea's most abundant weapon for aiding Russia is missile launchers.

🌐 North Korea and Russia are believed to have military cooperation.

🚂 A train from North Korea to Russia is suspected to carry war materials.

🚀 North Korea's missiles KN-23 and KN-24 can potentially aid Russia.

00:06:43 Russia is likely to import millions of short-range missiles, artillery shells, and self-propelled howitzers from North Korea, which could have an impact on the conflict with Ukraine.

🔑 The artillery gap between Russia and Ukraine has narrowed down to around 3:1, prompting Russia to import millions of weapons, including short-range missiles and 152mm artillery shells.

💥 North Korea possesses the KN-25 missile launcher, which fires large-caliber 600mm missiles with a maximum range of 350-400 kilometers, comparable to ATACMS missiles used by the United States to aid Ukraine.

🚀 There is a high likelihood of military collaboration between Russia and North Korea, specifically in the field of artillery supplies, as North Korean artillery shells are compatible with Russian artillery systems.

00:08:27 North Korea and Russia's military cooperation may affect the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian war. Russia is hoping for artillery shells and anti-tank missiles, while North Korea wants advanced satellite technology and nuclear-powered submarines from Russia.

🔑 Russia's delayed development in wide-range and long-endurance drones has led them to seek assistance from North Korea.

💣 The military cooperation between North Korea and Russia can be beneficial for both parties, with North Korea gaining new technologies and Russia addressing their artillery and munition shortage.

🤝 There are ongoing discussions between Putin and Kim Jong Un for potential collaborations, but no direct details or agreements have been disclosed.

00:10:08 Korea may provide weapons to Russia in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, potentially reducing the demand for Russian weapons and impacting the anti-Russian offensive. Uncertain if North Korea will send troops.

Recent intelligence reveals that North Korea has been shipping a large quantity of ammunition, including artillery shells and missiles, to Russia.

Despite the low quality of North Korean ammunition, it is unlikely to change the current situation in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

If North Korea continues to provide weapons to Russia, it could potentially reduce the demand for Russian weapons and limit the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army.

00:11:50 North Korea is assisting Russia in its military conflicts by providing them with weapons, including anti-tank missiles and artillery shells.

🚀 North Korea may provide missiles, artillery, and ammunition to Russia to support them in the Ukrainian-Russian war.

⚡ The Russian army is facing a shortage of artillery supplies and ammunition on the front lines.

❓ The video ends with a question about what weapons North Korea might use to help Russia.

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