Boost Sales for Small Businesses: 8 Effective Tips to Sell GoHighLevel Agency Services

Learn 8 effective tips to sell GoHighLevel agency services and boost sales for small businesses.

00:00:00 In this video, Mike shares valuable sales lessons for anyone struggling to sell agency services. Learn why not every potential client is a good fit and how to avoid undervaluing your services.

Not everyone deserves to be a customer.

Don't undersell yourself or undervalue your services.

Focus on finding clients who can afford and appreciate the value you provide.

00:03:57 Learn 8 tips to effectively sell GoHighLevel agency services to small businesses by adopting a system-based approach, targeting the right customers, and focusing on automation.

Small businesses have limited budget for creative services, so it's important to focus on scalable offerings.

Marketing, selling, and onboarding should be done with the objective of automation in mind.

Selling creative services to bigger businesses with more budget can be a more profitable option.

00:07:51 Learn 8 tips to increase sales for GoHighLevel agency services, including the importance of the initial setup and customer education process.

The objective is to get customers to use the software with success through initial setup and education.

The surge process, consisting of training and setup, is crucial for onboarding new customers.

Overcoming sales call reluctance, including asking for money, is important in improving sales success.

00:11:45 Overcoming self-worth issues when selling services. Learn from David Sandler's sales training to confidently ask for what your services are worth.

💼 Believing in the value of a product or service is crucial for successful selling.

💰 Many people struggle with asking for a high price for their own services due to self-worth issues.

📚 Recommended resources for overcoming these struggles, such as books and training by David Sandler.

00:15:42 Learn 8 tips to sell more agency services, including psychological tricks and playing a role to disassociate from being the product. Therapy for sales skills is also recommended.

🔑 Playing a psychological game where you disassociate yourself from being the product can help in sales.

💡 Understanding the psychology behind pricing and learning to confidently communicate the value of your services is crucial.

💰 Implementing strategies like offering tax deductions or promotions can lead to significant sales success.

00:19:35 Discover 8 tips for selling GoHighLevel agency services and the importance of sharpening sales skills. Focus on building a full pipeline to generate more sales.

Selling and servicing small businesses is 90% about sales.

Having a full pipeline is essential for generating more sales.

Focusing on the value and capabilities of the product can help with selling.

00:23:30 Learn how to sell GoHighLevel agency services effectively with these 8 tips. Boost your sales and confidence with AI chatbots and transparent pricing.

💡 Using an AI chatbot for small business owners can provide significant value and cost savings compared to hiring human support staff.

📈 Having a chatbot can boost sales confidence and effectiveness by quickly demonstrating its value to potential customers.

💰 Displaying business prices on the website can eliminate the psychological barrier of asking for money, making the sales process smoother.

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