VMware Explore 2023: Unveiling the Future of Enterprise Computing

Keynote analysis of VMware Explore 2023 reveals the remarkable history and future goals of VMware, emphasizing multi-cloud and AI. Broadcom's imminent acquisition signals growth in Enterprise Computing.

00:00:05 Keynote analysis of VMware Explorer 2023 reveals the remarkable history of VMware and its transition to multi-cloud and HCI. Broadcom's acquisition of VMware is imminent, signaling the next phase of growth in Enterprise Computing.

🔑 VMware Explore 2023 is being covered by The Cube for the 13th consecutive year, highlighting the journey of VMware and its impact on Enterprise Computing.

💡 Jensen, the CEO of Nvidia, emphasized that the future of Enterprise Computing is happening now at VMware, acknowledging the company's transition and reinvention.

🌐 The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom is a significant development, with multi-cloud and super cloud emerging as the next career path for cloud Architects.

00:03:41 The VMware Explore 2023 keynote highlighted investment in the company, partner ecosystem, and technologies like multi-cloud and AI. Broadcom's strategy was also a focus. Overall, the presentation emphasized execution and future goals.

💼 VMware Explore 2023 has a strong culture of job security and investment in R&D and partner ecosystem.

🌐 The keynote focused on the alignment with Broadcom's strategy, including multi-cloud and AI.

💡 VMware has potential in multi-cloud due to its large install base, while AI still requires further development.

00:07:17 A keynote analysis of VMware Explore 2023 discusses their storage, AI vision, and the potential of NSX to simplify multi-cloud.

🔑 The keynote analyzed the future of disaggregated storage in the VMware industry and the role of AI.

🌐 VMware explored the concept of multi-cloud and the challenges of differentiation in the industry.

💡 The potential of NSX as a SAS-delivered service to simplify the network for multi-cloud was highlighted.

00:10:51 Analysis of VMware's keynote presentation at Explore 2023, highlighting their service mesh updates and plans to simplify networking. They aim to deploy more VMware code in the cloud to stay relevant and are focused on multi-cloud AI workloads and data partnerships.

🔑 VMware Explore 2023 has announcements about service mesh and abstracting underlying complexities.

💡 VMware aims to deploy as much code as possible and be relevant in the cloud.

🌐 VMware is focused on multi-cloud runtime for AI workloads and building relationships with data companies.

📚 VMware plans to introduce a reference architecture and a Marketplace for middle apps.

00:14:25 The keynote analysis explores the future of VMware and the potential impact of the acquisition by Broadcom. It is predicted that there will be significant cuts in marketing and sales, while retaining certain services and focusing on professional and technical aspects. The revenue and employee numbers of both companies are compared, highlighting Broadcom's stronger financial position. Broadcom is expected to sell certain assets to pay down debt and deliver on promises.

📊 Broadcom's revenue and cash flow are significantly higher than VMware's.

💼 Broadcom is expected to cut costs, particularly in marketing and sales, while keeping certain products and services.

💰 Broadcom may sell assets, such as Carbon Black, to pay down debt.

00:17:47 VMware explores business strategy and future plans, focusing on investment in R&D, customer retention, and multi-cloud solutions. The post-acquisition life for long-term VMware customers is compared to the Hotel California scenario.

💰 Broadcom's strategy is to invest in R&D and offer attractive deals to keep customers on their platform.

🛠️ VMware aims to be a base Kubernetes distribution and expand its ecosystem with products like Ansible and Terraform.

🌐 The future of apps lies in multi-cloud and edge computing, with a focus on modern apps and manageability.

🧩 VMware's post-acquisition life for customers may involve integrating acquired products and leveraging open-source solutions.

🏨 The acquisition could create a scenario where customers are tied to the Broadcom platform, resembling the 'Hotel California' analogy.

00:21:23 An analysis of VMware's relevance and competition in the cloud market, discussing the need to focus on core services and innovation. Hard negotiations with customers and the potential impact of the broadcom acquisition are also mentioned.

🔑 VMware aims to create more competition against AWS and Azure by offering on-prem cloud alternatives.

💼 Broadcom plans to focus on core products and services like ESX, vSphere, vSAN, and NSX to foster competition with hyperscalers.

💡 The challenge for VMware is to continue its innovation story while overcoming regulatory hurdles and maintaining relevance in the cloud market.

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