Cloud Endpoints: Secure and Scalable API Management System on Google Cloud

Cloud Endpoints: Distributed API management system on Google Cloud, enabling access control, API key generation, and usage monitoring.

00:00:00 Explore Cloud Endpoints, a distributed API management system on Google Cloud. Control access, generate API keys, and validate calls with JSON web tokens.

🔑 Cloud Endpoints is a distributed API management system that allows you to control access to your API by generating and validating API keys.

🔐 Cloud Endpoints offers security features like validating API calls with JSON Web Tokens and integrating with authentication systems like Firebase.

🚀 Cloud Endpoints provides quick and easy deployment options with App Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, along with the extensible service proxy for insights and monitoring.

00:01:05 Gain insights into user usage and monitor critical metrics with Cloud Endpoints. Use your preferred API framework or our open source frameworks. Connect mobile or web clients to back-end applications on App Engine.

🔑 Cloud Endpoints allows you to monitor critical operations metrics and gain insights into user usage.

💡 You can use Cloud Endpoints with your favorite API framework or choose the open-source frameworks provided in Java or Python.

🔗 Cloud Endpoints enables the establishment of a standardized API for mobile or web applications to connect to a back-end application on App Engine.

00:02:09 Summary: Cloud Endpoints provides infrastructure support to deploy and manage secure, scalable APIs. It supports open API and gRPC specifications, authentication, service proxy, and logging and trace capabilities.

🌩ī¸ Cloud Endpoints provides infrastructure support for deploying and managing robust, secure, and scalable API's.

🔒 Cloud Endpoints supports service-to-service and user authentication with Firebase Auth and Google Auth.

📊 Logging and tracing capabilities in Cloud Endpoints allow for detailed analysis of traffic volume, latency, request and response sizes, and errors.

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