My thoughts on RESIN 3D PRINTERS after 1 month of use, should you get one?

A review of resin 3D printers after 1 month of use, discussing maintenance and potential issues.

00:00:00 In this video, the speaker shares their opinions and experiences with a budget resin 3D printer after one month of use. They discuss the good and bad aspects of resin printing and whether it is worth it.

🖨️ Resin 3D printing is becoming more affordable and accessible to hobbyists.

💰 The speaker shares their experience using cost-effective resin 3D printers.

📐 The speaker discusses the importance of considering the size of the prints when using resin 3D printers.

00:02:02 I give my opinions on resin 3D printers after 1 month of use. They are small and can only print small pieces, but they are faster and produce high-quality prints.

The size of the 3D resin printer is small, limiting the size of the printed pieces to about 15 centimeters in height and 9 centimeters in width.

This printer is not suitable for creating large mechanical parts or broken room fixtures, but it is ideal for printing small and detailed objects.

The 3D resin printer offers higher print quality compared to filament printers, with layers as thin as 0.01 millimeters.

It is also faster in printing multiple small pieces simultaneously.

00:04:06 An overview of the use and maintenance of a resin 3D printer for creating high-quality miniatures and jewelry. Includes tips on handling resin, managing odors, and considering the cost.

The video discusses the use of resin 3D printers for creating small, detailed figures and jewelry.

🔵 Resin 3D printing requires handling liquid resin, which is sticky and can be messy.

👃 Resin 3D printing emits odors and requires proper ventilation and protective equipment.

💰 The cost of resin for 3D printing is higher compared to regular filament-based printers.

00:06:09 One month review of resin 3D printers, discussing higher costs and limited variety of filaments and finishes. Requires post-processing with alcohol and curing station, increasing overall investment.

Resin 3D printers are more expensive than filament printers.

Resin 3D printers have limited variety in terms of materials and finishes.

Post-processing is required for resin 3D prints, including cleaning and curing.

Resin 3D printers require additional investment in cleaning and curing equipment.

00:08:13 Summary: A review of resin 3D printers after 1 month of use, discussing maintenance and potential issues. Cost of replacement parts and the need for future investments are mentioned. Title: My thoughts on RESIN 3D PRINTERS after 1 month of use, should you get one?

🖨️ Resin 3D printers require regular maintenance and parts replacement.

💰 Replacement parts for resin 3D printers can be expensive.

🔍 It can be challenging to observe the progress and potential errors during the printing process with resin 3D printers.

00:10:16 Summary: This video discusses the author's opinions on 3D resin printers after 1 month of use. They talk about various aspects such as print quality, maintenance, and the printing process. Conclusion: 3D resin printing is impressive for its high-quality and ability to create small, detailed prints.

🖨️ The speaker provides tips for using 3D resin printers, including canceling prints if necessary and ensuring the printer has enough resin.

🧽 Maintenance of the printer's tank and cleaning the resin is important for good print quality and preventing obstructions.

🖥️ Learning to use the printing software and adjusting settings for optimal print quality is crucial, including adding supports and creating drainage holes.

00:12:19 An honest opinion on resin 3D printers after 1 month of use. They offer unique printing capabilities but require maintenance and are expensive. Overall, a great option for professional use.

Resin 3D printers can create more intricate designs and higher quality prints compared to traditional printers.

Resin printers have advantages such as the ability to print multiple objects at once and quick printing time.

However, resin printers require maintenance and can be expensive due to the cost of resin and the need for additional cleaning products.

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