The Emergence of AI in Everyday Tools

AI advancements integrated into everyday tools, chat GPT sees, hears, speaks with images and voice inputs. Exciting features coming in October. Meta introduces AI chatbots, image editing, Ray-Ban smart sunglasses. Windows 11 and work assistant also discussed. New era of AI begins.

00:00:00 AI advancements are now being integrated into everyday tools, making individual AI tools less necessary. Chat GPT can now see, hear, and speak, with examples of using images and voice inputs. Exciting new features are expected to roll out in October.

🤖 We have entered a new era of AI where AI advancements and technology are being integrated into everyday tools.

📱 Chat GPT can now see, hear, and speak, allowing for interactive and contextual conversations.

🗣️ Chat GPT has multiple speaking voices available and can respond to queries using voice input.

💻 New features, including image uploading, are expected to be rolled out in the near future.

📚 Examples of chat GPT's capabilities include explaining complex concepts, solving math problems, and having conversations.

00:03:58 A New Era of AI Has Just Begun. Meta introduces new AI features, including chatbots and image editing, as well as Ray-Ban smart sunglasses with AI capabilities.

🌐 Chat GPT now allows browsing the internet with Bing.

🔍 Meta made several AI announcements, including the meta Quest 3 and AI-powered sunglasses.

🤖 Meta introduced meta AI, chat Bots trained on specific topics using celebrity faces.

00:07:56 A video discusses the advancements in AI technology, including Meta's open-source approach and Windows 11's AI upgrade. It also introduces AI-powered work assistant No mention of sponsorships or brand names.

🤖 Meta is releasing cool AI technology with an open-source approach.

💼 is an AI-powered work assistant that helps organize and analyze data.

🖥️ Windows 11 has received an AI upgrade, including an AI-powered copilot.

00:11:57 A video discussing recent updates in the AI industry, including new features in operating systems, Amazon's partnership with anthropic, the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, cloudflare's AI tools, and Snap's partnership with Microsoft on ads.

📱 Opening apps with voice commands may not be as efficient as manually opening them.

🌗 The new sidebar feature in Windows is still in early stages with more updates to come.

⌨️ Mac OS Sonoma's update includes a minor AI improvement in its keyboard autocorrect.

💰 Amazon and anthropic form a partnership, with Amazon investing up to $4 billion in anthropic.

💡 Amazon Bedrock is now widely available, making it easier for companies to create their own AI models.

🌐 Cloudflare launches its suite of AI tools to help customers deploy and run models.

👻 Snapchat partners with Microsoft in ads for its AI chat bot feature.

00:15:56 A new era of AI has begun with advancements in voice cloning, image generation, video effects, and 3D imaging.

🤖 AI platforms like Snapchat and Spotify are advancing in their capabilities, allowing for the cloning of voices and language translations.

📸 Getty has developed an AI generator for images, although access to it requires a demo request and extensive data collection.

🖼️ Leonardo AI introduces the use of Laura models which provide additional effects and styles when training images.

00:19:56 A new AI technique called gaussian splatting allows for faster and clearer 3D image processing. It can be used to create videos and game assets. The wga strike ends with Hollywood Studios being allowed to train AI models on writers' work. Tesla's Optimus robot autonomously sorts objects. Mark Zuckerberg and Lex Friedman have a realistic conversation in the metaverse.

📸 AI technology can create 3D images by stitching together a series of pictures rapidly, allowing for immersive videos and game assets.

💼 The Writers Guild of America strike has ended, and Hollywood Studios now have the right to train AI models using writers' work.

🤖 Tesla's Optimus robot can autonomously sort objects, even in dynamic environments.

💬 Mark Zuckerberg and Lex Friedman had a conversation in the metaverse using realistic avatars, creating a sense of intimacy and connection.

00:23:56 A recent report states that the incorporation of AI and automated processes has contributed to the creation of new jobs, countering the fears of AI taking away jobs. AI technology is expected to bring new career opportunities and a better world.

According to a report, 78% of companies believe that AI has created more jobs.

Although AI has eliminated certain jobs, 67% of firms reported that new positions have been created.

The advancement of AI technology is expected to bring new career paths and opportunities.

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