Budget-friendly Review of a Refurbished iPhone 7 with 100% Battery Health

Review of a refurbished iPhone 7 purchased at a budget-friendly price. Good performance, up-to-date software, and 100% battery health.

00:00:03 In this video, Eren İmdat buys a refurbished phone for 3419 TL and plans to unbox it, review it, and sell it afterwards. He explores various iPhone models and decides on the iPhone 7.

⭐️ The video is about buying a refurbished phone at a lower cost, specifically an iPhone 7, which costs 3419 TL.

💡 The speaker explains their reasons for wanting to buy an iPhone and how they prioritize factors like longevity and battery life.

📱 The speaker walks through their decision-making process, including filtering options and considering different models.

00:02:25 We bought a refurbished phone from EASYCEP for 3419 TL. It's an excellent condition iPhone 7 with 32 GB storage, black color, and 100% battery. We can choose installment options while buying.

📱 We bought a refurbished flagship phone from EASYCEP for 3419 TL, and it is in perfect condition with 100% battery life.

💳 They offer different payment options, including installment plans with no interest for up to 6 months.

📦 The package arrived quickly, within a week of placing the order, and we are excited to unbox and review the phone.

00:04:46 Review of a refurbished iPhone 7 purchased for 3419 TL. The phone is in excellent condition with no visible scratches and the battery health is 100%.

💡 The video is about buying a refurbished iPhone 7 and examining its condition.

🔍 The phone is in excellent condition with no visible scratches or problems.

🔌 There is an issue with the charging cable not being supported, but the battery is at 100% health.

00:07:07 We bought a refurbished phone from EASYCEP for 3419 TL. It has a compact design, is lightweight, and has a 4.7-inch screen. The phone works smoothly with Apple's processor.

📱 The video discusses the features and design of an updated smartphone.

⚖️ The phone is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry.

🔍 The screen size is small, but the overall usability is enjoyable, although the refresh rate could be better.

00:09:30 A review of a renewed phone by EASYCEP at a price of 3419 TL, with good performance and up-to-date software. The iPhone 7 is recommended as a budget-friendly option.

📱 The phone being discussed is an iPhone 7 that was released in 2016.

⚙️ Despite being an older model, the iPhone 7 still performs well with its updated operating system and smooth app usage.

💰 Considering its features and price of 3419 TL, the iPhone 7 is a viable option for those who want a reliable and budget-friendly smartphone.

00:11:51 Received a refurbished phone from EASYCEP for 3,419 TL. Camera is not as good as Android phones or iPhone 14 series, but still works. Can shoot 1080p/30FPS videos. Battery at 100% can last a day with light usage. Selling an iPhone 7 in good condition with 32 GB storage on their website for cash or trade-in.

📷 The phone has a good camera for the price, although it may not take photos as good as high-end Android or iPhone models.

🎥 It can shoot videos in 1080p and 4k, with good stabilization for smooth recording.

🔋 The battery life is decent and can last a full day with moderate usage.

00:14:04 A review of a newly purchased flagship phone from EASYCEP. The phone was bought for 3419 TL and offers great features at a lower price. The speaker highlights that the purchase was made with personal funds and can be returned within 14 days.

📱 The video discusses the purchase of a refurbished flagship smartphone from a company called EASYCEP.

💰 The speaker highlights the trade-in option and the price difference between buying and selling the phone.

🔍 The speaker emphasizes the importance of thorough testing before returning the phone and invites viewers to share their thoughts on the iPhone 7.

Summary of a video "EASYCEP'ten Yenilenmiş Telefon Aldık! | 3419 TL'ye Amiral Gemisi!" by Hardware Plus on YouTube.

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