Discover the Exciting Updates in macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma brings customization, power, and fun to Mac with over 100 new animated wallpapers and improved features like translucent widgets and customizable browsing profiles.

00:00:00 macOS Sonoma is the new version of the operating system for Mac that brings customization, power, and fun to our displays. It supports a wide range of Mac models and features over 100 new animated wallpapers.

🔍 macOS Sonoma is the new version of Apple's operating system for Mac, offering customization, power, and fun.

💻 The new macOS Sonoma is compatible with a wide range of Mac models, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and more.

🌈 macOS Sonoma introduces over 100 new animated wallpapers, ranging from landscapes to urban scenes.

🖥️ A new feature in macOS Sonoma allows for easily changing wallpapers across multiple desktops with just one setting.

🕒 The dark mode in macOS Sonoma helps reduce eye strain and can be set to switch automatically based on the time of day.

00:03:58 macOS Sonoma brings dynamic wallpapers, improved lockscreen, and draggable widgets to Mac. It also integrates iOS widgets and allows downloading of new wallpapers.

💡 macOS Sonoma introduces dynamic wallpapers and lock screen animations.

🔒 The lock screen now displays a larger clock, date, and a new login feature.

🌈 Widgets can be dragged directly onto the desktop and organized in a new gallery.

00:07:56 macOS Sonoma introduces new features for Widgets and desktop management, including translucent Widgets and the ability to hide desktop elements. It also allows users to seamlessly continue editing notes in Pages for more customization options.

🔍 Widgets in macOS Sonoma can be made translucent to reduce distraction and maintain focus.

🎨 Widgets can be customized to appear in different colors for a personalized experience.

👻 Widgets can be hidden from the desktop to free up space and declutter the screen.

💼 Notes in macOS Sonoma can be seamlessly continued and enhanced in Pages for more customization options.

00:11:53 macOS Sonoma now available with new features such as improved PDF viewing and editing, faster PDF form completion, and customizable browsing profiles in Safari.

📝 macOS Sonoma introduces new features in the Notes app, including the ability to insert PDF files with thumbnails and highlight text within PDFs.

🔍 The new Safari update in macOS Sonoma allows users to have multiple browsing profiles, each with separate bookmarks, preferences, and cookies.

⚙️ Users can customize their browsing profiles in Safari by creating and personalizing each profile according to their needs and interests.

00:15:52 macOS Sonoma ORA DISPONIBILE. New features: web apps in Safari, separate browsing profiles, web app shortcuts, new album categories in Photos, subject selection in videos, FaceTime reactions.

🔑 macOS Sonoma introduces a new feature in Safari that allows users to create separate profiles for personal and work browsing activities, along with the ability to add web apps to Safari for a more seamless browsing experience.

📸 The photo app in macOS Sonoma now includes the option to create albums for pets, in addition to people. Users can also now select subjects in videos and copy them to other applications, such as notes or messages.

💬 Facetime in macOS Sonoma includes new features like reaction animations, allowing users to add visual effects during video calls or meetings.

00:19:52 macOS Sonoma introduces new effects for presentations, including full screen mode in FaceTime calls. Spotlight now offers improved search functions. There are also advancements in typing and dictation, with the ability to interrupt and resume dictation. Game mode prioritizes gaming performance, and there are updates to security and privacy settings.

🌟 The macOS Sonoma update introduces two new exciting effects for presentations in Keynote and FaceTime.

🔍 Spotlight search on Mac now includes improved search capabilities and allows for quick access to related information.

⌨️ The typing and dictation features in macOS have been enhanced, including the ability to dictate text in any app and easily switch between speaking and typing.

🎮 The new game mode in macOS optimizes performance for gamers, improving latency and enhancing compatibility with controllers and wireless headphones.

🔒 The macOS Sonoma update also includes significant security and privacy enhancements, such as sensitive content notifications.

00:23:52 macOS Sonoma is now available and brings new features like censoring sensitive content, isolation mode for privacy, seamless connectivity with AirPods, and improved performance and stability.

🔒 The new macOS Sonoma introduces a privacy feature that allows the Mac to isolate itself and protect user data.

🎧 Improved integration with AirPods makes it easier to switch between devices.

💻 macOS Sonoma offers better performance, stability, and compatibility with apps compared to previous versions.

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