Revolutionizing Rice Farming: Fully Autonomous Harvesters

Autonomous vehicles revolutionize rice farming from seed to harvest, optimizing planting and ensuring precision. Kubota's fully autonomous harvester completes automation, handling all functions without operator intervention.

00:00:05 From seed to rice harvest, autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing rice farming. Using advanced GPS and sensing technologies, these vehicles optimize planting and ensure precise operations throughout the process.

🚜 Kubota has developed three types of autonomous vehicles for rice farming in Japan, which are connected to a GPS system for precise control.

🌾 The vehicles use a combination of technologies such as sonar scanners and sensors to detect and avoid obstacles while performing tasks in the field.

🌱 The autonomous planting system optimizes the planting process, ensuring perfectly aligned rows and efficient use of resources.

00:01:09 Kubota completes automation of rice farming with fully autonomous harvester. The machine handles all functions from cutting to threshing, and can self-empty and return to work without operator intervention.

🚜 Kubota has developed an autonomous rice harvester that can perform all its functions without human intervention.

🔄 The harvester is programmed to automatically lower its pick-up at the front, start the cutting and threshing system, and empty its hopper when full.

⚙️ The machine is equipped with tracks to minimize soil compaction and optimize efficiency in rice cultivation.

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