Creating a Voice-Enabled Chatbot with Azure Speech SDK and Azure OpenAI

Learn how to integrate Azure Speech SDK with Azure OpenAI to create a voice-enabled chatbot.

00:00:00 Integrate Azure Speech SDK with Azure OpenAI to create a chatbot that responds to voice inputs. Convert voice to text using Speech SDK and pass it to OpenAI for a relevant response.

💡 Integrating Azure Speech SDK with Azure OpenAI allows you to create a chatbot that takes voice input and provides voice output.

🔊 The process involves taking voice input, converting it to text using the Speech SDK, passing the text to the Azure OpenAI endpoint, and converting the response back into voice.

🔧 Azure Cognitive Services provides the necessary components for this integration, including the Speech SDK and Azure OpenAI.

00:02:05 Learn how to enable speech recognition for your Azure OpenAI Chatbot using Azure Speech SDK and set the configuration for audio input.

🔑 Creating variables to store the Azure key and region.

🗣️ Creating speech configuration to enable chatbot voice.

🎤 Setting up audio configuration for input through the default microphone.

00:04:07 Construct Azure speech recognizer resources to extract text from user's speech input.

🎙️ Construct speech recognizer resources to take speech and audio as input.

🔊 Initialize speech recognizer with speech config and audio config.

📝 Grab user input through speech recognition and extract recognized text.

00:06:08 Learn how to utilize Azure Speech SDK to make your Azure OpenAI Chatbot speak using the resources available in Azure portal.

🔑 To utilize Azure Speech SDK, you need to create an instance in the Azure portal and obtain the API key and region.

🌍 Azure Cognitive Services offers various functionalities, including speech, language, and decision-making, which can be combined in a multi-purpose instance.

⚙️ It is recommended to use the same API key for multiple features of Azure Cognitive Services.

00:08:16 Learn how to use Azure Speech SDK to enable speech capabilities for your Azure OpenAI Chatbot.

🎥 The video is about using Azure Speech SDK to give voice to an Azure OpenAI chatbot.

💻 The speaker demonstrates importing the OpenAI library and setting up the necessary API parameters.

🔗 The speaker mentions a video where they explain how to grab variable values and deploy the chatbot.

00:10:19 This video demonstrates how to use Azure Speech SDK for speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions in an Azure OpenAI Chatbot.

📞 Making a call to the completion endpoint using OpenAI SDK.

🔊 Converting the generated text back to speech using the Speech SDK.

00:12:22 Learn how to integrate Azure OpenAI Chatbot with Azure Speech SDK and create an end-to-end voice system. See a demo of speech synthesis and how the system works.

💡 The video demonstrates how to use the Azure Speech SDK to create a speech synthesizer and generate audio output.

🎙️ The example shows how to integrate the speech synthesizer with a chatbot, allowing it to provide voice responses.

👨‍💻 The code presented is a basic demonstration and requires additional work to be production-ready.

Summary of a video "Give Voice To Your Azure OpenAI Chatbot Using Azure Speech SDK" by Shweta Lodha on YouTube.

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