Research Design in Pandemic Era: Analyzing Journals for Critical Thinking Skills and Health Literacy in Indonesia

An easy and suitable research design during the pandemic, accepted in SCOPUS. Analyzing educational journals to gather insights on critical thinking skills. Importance of health literacy in Indonesia. Online surveys published in Q2 SCOPUS.

00:00:00 Easy and Suitable Research Design in the Pandemic Era Accepted in SCOPUS

🔑 Research is not as difficult as it seems, as long as one understands the basic principles and characteristics.

📚 The key principle in research is to always start from a problem or issue.

🧩 Finding problems or issues to research may seem challenging, but there are many potential topics that can be beneficial to society.

00:03:55 A discussion on research designs that are easy and suitable during the pandemic, without requiring fieldwork. Alternative research methods include document analysis and scientific reports.

🔍 Research design options for conducting studies in the pandemic.

💼 The relevance of initial data and its potential for future research.

📚 Alternative research methods, such as document analysis.

00:07:51 An easy research design during the pandemic that is accepted in SCOPUS. Analyzing the content of educational journals to gather insights on critical thinking skills.

🔑 Genetics misconceptions are commonly found in educational materials and can be identified through analyzing textbooks and practice questions.

🔍 Research on critical thinking skills in biology education can be conducted by analyzing national and international journals to examine the components and validity of the instruments used.

⚡️ There is a research gap in studying critical thinking skills among senior high school students, highlighting the importance of further investigation and the use of valid and reliable instruments.

00:11:46 Easy and Accepted Research Design during the Pandemic, Published in SCOPUS

The video discusses the importance of publishing research in high-indexed journals like SCOPUS.

🧠 The research design presented in the video focuses on critical thinking skills and the use of surveys to collect data.

📚 The presenter emphasizes the significance of demographic information in surveys and its impact on the depth of research analysis.

00:15:42 Study design for easy acceptance in SCOPUS during pandemic. Importance of health literacy in Indonesia. Online surveys among students, teachers, and students. Results published in Q2 SCOPUS, emphasizing the sources of health information and the impact on practices.

📚 The importance of health literacy and misinformation on social media in Indonesia.

📊 The need for online surveys to gather information from students, teachers, and professors in order to improve health literacy education.

📙 The successful publication of a research study on health literacy in a reputable international journal.

🔍 The analysis of knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to the pandemic among college students.

00:19:43 Easy and suitable research design in the pandemic era, accepted in SCOPUS. Online instruments, information literacy, and trust in information are important aspects. Also, focus on online learning and the challenges of internet access. Research helps in policy-making and finding new solutions.

🔍 Easy and suitable research design during the pandemic

📊 Importance of assessing the competence of 21st-century learners

💻 Opportunities and challenges of online learning

00:23:39 Easy and Suitable Research Design during Pandemic for Acceptance in SCOPUS. Learn how to write a good introduction, conduct research, and publish your findings.

📚 The video discusses the importance of writing a good introduction for research and the impact it can have on the credibility of the study.

💡 The speaker also highlights the significance of conducting experiments involving multiple classes and the possibility of still doing so in the current pandemic.

🔍 Furthermore, the video emphasizes the importance of turning research findings into publications to increase their impact and reach a wider audience.

Summary of a video "Desain Penelitian yang Mudah & Cocok di Masa Pandemi dan Mudah diterima di SCOPUS" by Ensiklopedia Ahmad Fauzi on YouTube.

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