Improving Code Quality: Code Review and Pull Requests Explained

Matthew Borden discusses code review, pull requests, context, documentation, automation, prettier, standardized markdown, and inclusive language in code.

00:00:04 In this video, Matthew Borden discusses the importance of code review and how to write effective pull requests. He emphasizes the need for context and documentation in pull requests to improve the development process.

👨‍💻 Code review is important for improving code quality and documentation.

📝 Writing detailed pull request descriptions provides context for reviewers.

🔍 Using tools can help developers write better documentation.

00:02:57 Matthew Borden talks about the importance of code reviews, explaining the need for developers to provide context, make small pull requests, and review their own work. He also highlights the benefits of automation in the code review process.

🔍 Finding and diagnosing code issues by analyzing shared library initialization

📝 Writing small pull requests to improve code review process and understanding of changes

🔁 Encouraging developers to review their own work to find bugs and improve efficiency

🤖 Utilizing automation tools for efficient code review and assignment of reviewers

00:05:50 Discover how a bot and the tool called prettier improved documentation writing and code readability. Also, learn about the benefits of using standardized markdown and the importance of inclusive language in code.

💡 Using a bot to prompt developers to update documentation helps ensure that critical information is readily available.

🔧 Prettier is a tool that simplifies the writing and formatting of Markdown, saving developers time and effort.

📝 The adoption of standardized Markdown, along with tools like Alex, promotes inclusive and respectful language in code.

00:08:44 A video about code review tools and important aspects to consider when reviewing technical pull requests, emphasizing the need for technical accuracy and clear documentation.

📝 Using linting tools, such as ProsLint and parents, can help identify and correct coding errors, redundancy, misspellings, and other common mistakes.

🔍 When reviewing code, technical accuracy and up-to-date documentation are crucial, and it's important to seek clarification from other developers when needed.

💻 Including code examples in documentation can greatly aid understanding, especially for visual learners.

00:11:36 Learn about code review best practices including writing great examples, testing instructions, caching, authentication, and understanding failure modes.

🔑 It is important to have other developers review your code to identify any errors or inconsistencies.

📝 Testing instructions and documentation must be thoroughly reviewed and validated to ensure proper functionality.

🔍 Caching data and understanding authentication processes are crucial aspects of code development.

⚠️ Understanding failure modes and documenting them is vital for troubleshooting and maintaining critical infrastructure.

00:14:28 The video emphasizes the importance of understanding code changes before merging them. It also highlights the responsibility of code reviewers. The need to seek clarification and review internal documentation is emphasized.

🔑 Never merge changes that you don't understand, as it can lead to issues for customers and developers.

👥 Reviewers have responsibilities and should understand the code they approve, as they will be involved in fixing any issues that arise.

📚 Encouraging developers to review internal documentation helps everyone stay up to date with changes and understand different aspects of the codebase.

00:17:25 The importance of code review and giving feedback to improve work, while staying true to technical standards and closing unnecessary pull requests.

📝 It is important to give recognition for great work and provide constructive feedback on code reviews.

🔄 Separate personal emotions from work feedback to improve the quality of the work.

Not all changes in code reviews are necessary, and sometimes closing pull requests can be beneficial.

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