Enhancing Learning Experiences with Interactive Learning Objects

Interactive learning objects are versatile teaching tools that enhance learning experiences.

00:00:00 Interactive learning objects are digital or non-digital entities used in technology-supported learning. They are cost-effective, engaging, and can be continuously improved. Teachers can find them on Education Queensland's Learning Place and Scoodle.

📚 Interactive learning objects are digital or non-digital entities that can be used, reused, or referenced during technology-supported learning.

💡 The main benefit of interactive learning objects is the ability to continuously improve teaching and student learning through the use of a variety of instructional techniques.

🔍 Education Queensland's learning place and the learning Federation (now called scoodle) are recommended sources for finding interactive learning objects.

00:01:05 Interactive Learning Objects provide a versatile teaching tool that can be reused and adapted to enhance learning experiences.

🎯 Interactive learning objects are a valuable tool for teaching.

🔄 They can be reused and readapted, providing a versatile teaching resource.

👋 Finding interactive learning objects is an enjoyable process.

Summary of a video "Interactive Learning Objects as a Teaching Tool" by Jo Harris on YouTube.

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