Changing Color Ramps in Big Island (Hawai'i) Physical Geography Game

Learn how to change the color ramps in the data display for the Big Island of Hawaii on a physical geography game.

00:00:02 Learn how to change the color ramps in the data display for the Big Island of Hawaii on a physical geography game. Experience real data in a game environment.

🌋 The video is about changing the color ramps in the data display for the Big Island of Hawaii physical geography game.

🖥️ The lab takes a while to start because there's a tremendous amount of data being displayed, which causes the computer to increase in temperature.

🗻 The game environment allows you to see the real data of the Big Island's elevation, including the Kohala volcano and Mauna Kea volcano.

00:01:06 Explore the stunning physical geography of Big Island in Hawai'i in this game. Experience the changing color ramps and panoramic views from the perspective of the oldest volcano on the northeastern side.

🌋 The game displays a 30-meter grid cell data of Big Island's physical geography.

💻 The game takes about seven minutes to fully load and may heat up the computer.

🔍 The game offers an amazing perspective of the Big Island, showcasing the volcanoes and river valleys.

00:02:11 Explore the changing color ramps in the Big Island's physical geography game and learn about the rain shadow effect and dew points.

🌄 The video discusses the rain shadow effect on the southwestern side of Big Island, Hawai'i.

🎨 The video explains how to change the color ramps in the game mode to display dew points and precipitation.

🗺️ To change the color ramps for the inset map, you need to open the settings menu and adjust the map view.

00:03:16 This video showcases the process of changing color ramps for terrain overlay and rainfall in a game view.

🔵 The video demonstrates how to change the color ramp for dew point and rainfall overlays in a gaming environment.

🔄 When applying the new color ramps, the screen view might jump up in size, and in order to redo the changes, the settings mode needs to be adjusted.

🌧️ The color ramp for rainfall overlay in the game view is different from the default setting, while the dew point overlay remains unchanged.

00:04:20 Learn how to play a game about the physical geography of Big Island, Hawai'i, where you control the color ramps for humidity and dew point. Test your knowledge with digital readouts.

🌧️ The color ramp in the game represents humidity, with lighter blue indicating lower humidity and darker blue indicating higher humidity.

🌡️ The inset map displays the dew point, which is controlled by the player, and is related to the questions asked in the game.

📊 The game involves reading and interpreting the digital readouts for dew point and rainfall, providing an educational experience on physical geography.

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