The Eco Warriors of Bali: Fighting Plastic Pollution and Inspiring Change

Meet two young sisters from Bali who are fighting against plastic pollution and inspiring change.

00:00:03 Meet two young sisters from Bali who are making a big impact in the fight against plastic. Learn how Milatti and Isabel are saying goodbye to plastic bags and inspiring change.

🌍 There are two young sisters from Bali who have made a significant impact on reducing plastic waste.

🌊 They recognized the environmental problems caused by plastic and decided to take action.

🛍️ The sisters focused on eliminating the use of plastic bags in their community.

00:01:07 Milati and Isabel, inspired by Gandhi, took radical action to combat plastic pollution in Bali by boycotting plastic bags, going on a food strike, and organizing cleanups to raise awareness.

♻️ Plastic bags do not dissolve and can pile up for 500 years, causing environmental issues.

🌏 Milati and Isabel took radical action to solve the plastic problem on their island, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful food strikes.

🗑️ They stopped using plastic bags, went on plastic cleanups, and raised awareness about plastic through online and offline efforts.

00:02:12 Two sisters from Bali inspire a plastic bag ban on the island, leading to a plastic bag-free Bali in 2019.

🌍 Two sisters from Bali inspired a movement to ban plastic bags in their community, leading to a plastic bag-free island.

💪 They were able to convince the governor of Bali to support their cause and change the law.

💡 Their story emphasizes the importance of finding something you are passionate about and taking action to make a difference.

00:03:15 Two sisters from Bali are fighting against plastic pollution by fixing plastic bags and inspiring young people to take action.

🌍 Young people can make a significant impact in addressing plastic waste.

🌱 The future is optimistic and environmentally conscious.

💼 Young people have valuable skills, ideas, and leadership potential.

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