The journey of building an online newsletter business

Learn how to start and grow a newsletter business from scratch without mentioning sponsorships or brand names

00:00:00 Learn how to grow a newsletter business from scratch with organic marketing tactics and strategic branding. Discover the four stages of growth and gain valuable advice for newsletter owners of any kind.

The newsletter generated $17,396 in revenue in the last 30 days.

The newsletter went through four stages of growth: organic Gorilla Marketing tactics, organic traction, paid ads, and strategic partnerships.

The name of the newsletter was changed to Profit Snack and it focuses on AI in businesses and the business side of AI.

00:02:41 Learn how to grow a newsletter business from scratch by partnering with influencers and automating the subscriber acquisition process. Find out how to use the platform effectively without spending a ton of money.

The speaker initially gained subscribers through referrals and offering a monetary incentive.

After three months, the newsletter grew by 100 to 150 subscribers a day with minimal expenses.

They transitioned to using a platform called Spark Loop for promotion but later switched to a partner program to filter engaged subscribers.

00:05:05 Learn how to build a successful newsletter business from scratch using paid ads and strategic partnerships without mentioning brand names or sponsorships.

📈 Driving results is crucial for advertisers who invest in newsletter businesses.

💰 Paid ads and collaborations with other newsletters contribute to the growth of the business.

🐦 Twitter ads are an effective source of growth, with higher engagement rates.

00:07:43 Learn the strategies for growing a newsletter business from scratch, including organic guerrilla marketing, partnering with micro influencers, and using paid ads on social media platforms.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Engagement is the core metric that matters for a newsletter business.

:mega: Organic guerrilla marketing and partnering with micro-influencers are effective strategies for audience growth.

:moneybag: Paid ads on Twitter have been successful in acquiring new subscribers, but at a higher cost.

00:10:09 Learn how to grow a newsletter business from scratch without relying on AI or traditional marketing methods. Building an engaged audience and fostering relationships are the goals, not just making money. Financial investment and subscriber loss during a rebrand were necessary steps towards success.

📧 The newsletter business focuses on building an audience and fostering relationships, rather than making immediate profits or being centered around AI.

🔄 The rebranding of the business resulted in the loss of subscribers and negative feedback, but also attracted passionate followers who engage with the content.

💰 A total of $140,000 has been spent, with $25,000 allocated to team expenses, $105,000 towards growth, and about $70,000 on Spark Loop for promotional purposes.

00:12:42 Learn how to grow a newsletter business from scratch, with insights on revenue, ad space sales, team size, and potential value.

💰 The newsletter business made over $50,000 in revenue last month and expects to consistently make $10,000-$15,000 a month.

📈 The sales process is improving, with 90% of the ad space being sold last month.

👥 The team has been trimmed down to reduce expenses, but the business is running smoothly and could be sold for a significant profit if growth is halted.

00:15:25 Learn how to successfully grow a newsletter business from scratch, with tips on advertising, subscriber engagement, and creating quality content.

📈 The goal is to increase the advertiser rate from 30-35% to 70% by focusing on repeat advertisers.

💰 The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding costs and not solely focusing on sales for a newsletter business.

Building a newsletter business requires dedication and patience, but it offers scalability and consistency compared to other business models.

00:18:02 Learn how to start and grow a newsletter business from scratch. Subscribe for free and enjoy the journey of building an online business!

📧 The video discusses the process of growing a newsletter business from scratch.

🆓 The newsletter business is emphasized as being free to subscribe and will always remain free.

👍 The speaker encourages viewers to leave a like on the video and engage in comments.

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