The Secret to Making $1.6M on YouTube

A YouTuber generated $1.6 million in a month through affiliate income and shares advice on making money on YouTube.

00:00:00 A YouTuber named Max Maher generated $1.6 million in affiliate income in one month. He also grew his YouTube channel, built a large Patreon account, and developed a system to run his businesses. He shares game-changing advice for making money on YouTube.

💰 Max Maher generated 10 billion dollars in sales via his YouTube channel and made 1.6 million in affiliate income in one month.

📺 Max Maher grew his YouTube channel to 900,000 subscribers and became an expert in making money from YouTube.

👨‍💼 Max Maher provided game-changing advice on building a rock solid team and making money from affiliates, Patreon accounts, online businesses, and teams.

00:02:31 A YouTuber made $1.6 million in a month by promoting affiliate products to small business owners through his videos, resulting in billions of dollars in funding for the businesses.

💰 The YouTuber earned $1.6 million in commissions in one month through an affiliate deal.

🎥 The YouTuber created over 500 videos on a specific topic and gained 58,000 businesses to sign up through their links, resulting in over $10 billion in funding for the businesses.

💡 The YouTuber emphasizes the importance of repurposing interview clips and discusses the mistakes people make in monetizing their audience.

00:04:54 A YouTuber shares advice on how to make money by aligning content with relevant products and services, starting with promoting your own offerings, then third-party products. Passion and expertise in a high-income niche are key for success.

💰 Finding products that align with your content and offer value to your audience can be a lucrative way to make money on YouTube.

🤝 Start by promoting your own products or services, such as a Patreon or a company you've launched, as it is easier to pitch to your audience.

🔍 When promoting third-party products, carefully choose reputable companies with good landing pages to ensure better results.

00:07:17 Learn how a YouTuber increased their monthly Patreon earnings from $2,000 to $165,000 in just four months by offering compelling exclusive content and utilizing selling techniques.

💰 The YouTuber increased their Patreon earnings from $2,000 to $165,000 in four months.

🔥 Having a compelling offer and creating a sense of FOMO is crucial for success on Patreon.

🤝 Consistently providing excellent content and giving members an inside look helps retain patrons.

00:09:48 A successful YouTuber explains how he made $1.6 million in a month through Patreon, but decided to create his own platform for greater growth and potential business value.

💰 Creating a successful Patreon with consistent updates and communication can lead to high retention.

⏰ Initially, the YouTuber invested a lot of time into managing their Patreon, but eventually hired a team to scale it.

🏢 The YouTuber transitioned from using Patreon to building their own platform to have a more valuable and scalable business.

📈 The YouTuber's new platform allows for growth, equity building, and potential future opportunities.

💸 Selling the platform would require proper financial tracking, systemization, and an operation that can run itself.

00:12:19 A YouTuber made $1,600,000 in a month by creating a system for every aspect of their channel. They now only spend one hour a month on their business, earning $150,000 annually.

📺 The YouTuber discusses the importance of creating systems to simplify and automate tasks in their business.

💼 By creating step-by-step guides for every aspect of their business, the YouTuber was able to reduce their workload and free up more time.

💰 Despite spending only one hour a month on their business, the YouTuber still earns $150,000 annually.

00:14:48 Learn the importance of having a writing guide and how it can help improve your content creation process. Find out how to identify valuable team members and the significance of being obsessed with your craft.

📝 Creating a writing guide with a specific style and tone is important for producing high-quality content.

⏰ It takes time for new team members to adapt to the structure and system, but good people become valuable quickly.

📚 The best writers are obsessed with writing and reading, constantly learning and exploring new topics.

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