Boost Patient Engagement on Social Media with Engaging Medical Posts

Increase patient engagement on social media with medical posts that address common health issues, debunk popular beliefs, and discuss counterintuitive concepts.

00:00:00 In this video, the speaker discusses five medical post ideas that can increase patient engagement on social media.

📱 Doctors should focus on specific types of posts on social media to increase patient engagement.

🔥 Certain themes of medical posts have been proven to generate more engagement.

💡 The video provides five tips for doctors to increase their engagement through medical posts.

00:01:26 Using medical posts that engage with popular topics and memes can boost engagement and followers. Understanding and discussing famous athletes' injuries and diagnoses can generate interest and interaction.

Engaging medical posts can be created by discussing famous individuals who have been diagnosed with rare diseases or have experienced injuries.

Following gossip and meme pages can help stay updated on popular topics and trends.

Posting content related to current medical issues, such as understanding a famous person's diagnosis or injury, can generate engagement.

00:02:54 Tips for creating engaging medical posts on social media: 1. Check relevant content daily. 2. Create habits in patients through informative videos/posts. 3. Address common health issues. Use these strategies to increase engagement on your social media platforms.

📰 A media page can be a valuable resource for professionals to stay updated in their field.

👥 Engagement on social media platforms can be increased by providing content that encourages the audience to develop new habits.

📝 Creating content that focuses on healthy habits can attract patients' attention and keep them engaged.

00:04:19 The controversy surrounding medical posts can be beneficial for engagement. By taking a scientific stance against certain treatments, engagement and patient trust can be increased.

🤔 Being able to engage with patients and position yourself against certain treatments can be beneficial as a medical professional.

📚 To create engaging content, it is important to have scientific evidence and a strong foundation for your opinions.

💡 Adding novelty and expressing opinions in your content can increase patient engagement.

00:05:45 Medical posts that engage. Discover new treatments for scoliosis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Our brains crave novelty and knowledge. Stay up-to-date for a better quality of life and career.

📺 Medical content that discusses new treatments and advancements engages patients and generates curiosity.

🧠 Our brains are wired to seek out and learn about new information, especially in the medical field.

🔍 To increase engagement on social media, doctors should regularly seek out and share new medical advancements.

00:07:13 Engage your audience by debunking popular beliefs and sharing creative content. Increase engagement by breaking patterns and discussing counterintuitive concepts.

📊 Engaging medical posts can improve patient engagement and increase participation.

🍫 Challenging common beliefs and providing scientific evidence can be effective in increasing engagement.

💡 Breaking stereotypes and debunking popular beliefs can significantly boost engagement.

00:08:41 The video discusses how medical posts that go against common beliefs can generate high engagement. It offers strategies to increase engagement as a doctor.

🍹 The speaker discusses the idea that fruit juice can be harmful if consumed in certain ways, contradicting the belief that it is healthy.

💡 Using unconventional strategies can help increase engagement in medical social media posts.

💼 The speaker promotes their comprehensive marketing course for medical professionals to achieve success in their private practices.

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