Navigating Hard Choices and Growth in Starting a Podcast

Two friends reflect on the difficult decisions they made to start a podcast together and grow their business, highlighting the importance of details and commitment to original content.

00:00:00 Two friends discuss their journey of starting a podcast together and leaving their separate businesses behind. They reflect on the hard decisions and challenges they faced, and how they've grown and learned along the way.

📅 The Daily Talk Show has committed to 10 years of episodes.

💬 They often discuss topics unrelated to current events for a bit of escapism.

👥 The hosts reflect on the decisions and challenges they faced in the last three years of their podcast journey.

00:12:38 In this video, the hosts discuss the early days of their business, including the decision to start Big Media Company and the challenges they faced. They highlight the importance of small details, celebrating others, and their commitment to creating original content.

👥 The decision to create a company was driven by the aspiration to produce original content and earn income through client work.

✈️ During their trip, the hosts interviewed influential figures and planned the structure of their business without even having a website.

🏢 After returning, they transformed their office space into the headquarters of their production company and started working on projects for clients.

00:25:16 Three friends make difficult decisions to grow their podcast, including hiring a full-time employee and securing advertising. They take a risk by booking flights to Los Angeles, hoping to cover the costs with sponsorships.

📺 The creators decided to film every episode of their show five days a week.

💰 They hired Mason as a full-time employee and focused on client video work to generate income.

🌟 They attempted to secure advertising for the podcast by creating hype and offering sponsorship opportunities.

00:37:53 The video discusses the challenges faced by the creators of a podcast, including financial difficulties and the need to make tough decisions for the business.

💼 In 2019, the hosts faced financial challenges with their podcast due to zero revenue from sponsorships.

🎥 They decided to create vlogs in Los Angeles, hoping it would pay for itself, but it didn't.

💰 With little income and debts to pay, they had to borrow money from their parents to keep the business afloat.

00:50:32 In 2020, The Daily Talk Show faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They outsourced work, focused on podcasts, and utilized government support. They also expanded their team and launched a new podcast, Too Much Tully.

📅 In early 2020, the business faced challenges due to the pandemic and had to outsource work and focus on remote podcasting.

💼 The business received government support called job keeper, which provided financial assistance to pay employees.

💰 The business had to invest in a remote setup and navigate cash flow issues while operating during uncertain times.

🎙️ The team expanded their podcast offerings and collaborated with other creators to create new shows.

01:03:08 Title: Explaining Some Difficult Decisions - The Daily Talk Show. In this video, the hosts discuss their decision-making process, including bringing in new team members and reevaluating their focus on podcasting. They reflect on the challenges they faced in the past year and their goals for the future.

🗒️ The podcast started before lockdown with the addition of Tony as a co-host.

💼 Jess joined as the general manager and handled podcast production and sales.

📽️ The focus shifted to video production as it proved to be more profitable than podcast advertising.

01:15:45 The Daily Talk Show explains difficult decisions involving staff changes, prioritizing core competencies and creating security for a successful business.

💼 The speaker made a difficult decision to make someone's role redundant in order to focus on core competencies.

🤝 The speaker prioritized clear communication and the best outcome for all parties involved.

💡 The speaker emphasized the importance of creating a successful foundation and security in order to celebrate and support others.

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