What's Inside My Essential Tech Bag for Traveling

Discover the essential tech in my travel bag, including a versatile LED video light that illuminates small spaces.

00:00:01 Discover what's inside my essential tech bag for traveling, including a functional and understated backpack with creative features for organizing cameras and lenses.

The narrator discusses his everyday carry items and his tech bag for traveling.

The main suitcase holds clothes and toiletries, while the tech bag contains larger tech items.

The narrator highlights the brevity jumper backpack, which is functional and discreet for carrying valuable tech.

00:01:17 A review of a versatile backpack that fits a 14-inch MacBook Pro, but may not be suitable for larger devices. The bag's shoulder straps are narrow and lack padding, making it uncomfortable for long periods of wear. Despite these minor issues, the backpack is still enjoyed for its minimal design and suitability for travel.

💼 The jumper backpack is a versatile option for travel, with a laptop section that can fit a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

🎒 The backpack's shoulder straps are narrow and uncomfortable over longer periods of time, and it may not provide the best protection for camera gear.

💻 The 14-inch MacBook Pro with the 10-core M1 Pro chip performs well after almost two years of daily use.

00:02:30 A tech enthusiast shares the contents of their tech bag and their experience with their chosen devices, including a 14-inch micro Pro laptop, a Sony A7 mark IV camera, and Samsung t7 Shield SSDs for storage.

🎒 I prefer laptops with a smaller form factor, but I appreciate having multiple Thunderbolt ports and an SD card reader.

📷 I switched to the Sony A7 mark IV as my main camera and it has been perfect for my creative work.

💾 The Samsung t7 Shield ssds are my go-to choice for storage due to their large capacity and reliable performance.

00:03:44 Review of compact and reliable solid state drives and brand new Studio Pro headphones with balanced sound and enjoyable listening experience.

💾 Solid state drives are smaller, more reliable, and secure for travel.

🎧 The new Studio Pro headphones from beats have a balanced sound and improved audio fidelity.

🔋 The headphones inherit features from airpods, like transparency mode and support.

00:04:57 A review of a new pair of headphones with subtle design changes and updated features. The headphones are made from high-quality materials and offer a wired connection. The video also discusses the Nintendo Switch as a portable gaming device.

🎧 The Studio Pro headphones have subtle design changes and high-quality materials, but the controls on the left side may feel cheap.

🎮 The Nintendo Switch is a convenient handheld gaming device, but it's starting to feel outdated in 2023.

00:06:07 A tech enthusiast shares their essential items for summer 2023, including a compact analog pocket for gaming and a sleek wireless charger with built-in Apple Watch charger.

The analog pocket is a modern version of the Nintendo Game Boy with a high-resolution display and the ability to play games at higher resolutions.

The wireless charger Trio from satechi is a convenient option for travel, with a USBC input and a foldable Apple watch charger.

🔋 The Char geek Storm 2 is a stylish portable charger that stands out from others in terms of design.

00:07:18 A look inside my tech bag and the essential items I always carry, including a powerful charger, air tags for tracking belongings, a wall plug, cables, lens wipes, and a selfie stick for quick shots.

The speaker's tech bag includes a high-capacity power bank with a small display for monitoring battery life.

The speaker always carries AirTags to track their belongings and a 96 watt wall plug for fast device charging.

Lens wipes are preferred for cleaning devices, and the speaker has recently started using a selfie stick for their iPhone.

00:08:32 Discover the essential tech in my travel bag, including a versatile LED video light that illuminates small spaces. Stay tuned for an upcoming update!

🎒 The speaker shares their essential tech items that they carry in their bag.

💡 The Aputure MC LED video light is a versatile tool that is compact and bright, with built-in magnets for easy use in small spaces.

📱 The speaker plans to make an updated video soon about the tech devices they use daily.

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