The Loyalty and Imprisonment of a Naive Man in the Third Reich

A naive man in the Third Reich becomes Hitler's loyal follower. His role in Hitler's rise to power and his imprisonment sparks debate on his loyalty and sanity.

00:00:08 In this episode of 'Al Dahhee', a Scottish farmer encounters a German pilot during World War II, unaware of his true identity as Rudolf Hess. The encounter reveals the farmer's hospitality and the pilot's confidence.

🌍 The video discusses the events of World War II and the role of Adolf Hitler and his deputy Rudolf Hess.

🤝 The story revolves around an unexpected encounter between a Scottish farmer and an German pilot who turns out to be Rudolf Hess.

🇪🇬 It is revealed that Hess was born in Egypt and studied at a German school in Alexandria.

00:04:55 A naive man in the Third Reich. He witnessed the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and joined the German army. He later influenced Hitler's expansionist ideas.

🌍 Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler grew up during the period of colonial rule in Egypt and were influenced by the British racist colonial model.

⚔️ Heinrich Himmler joined the German army during World War I and participated in dangerous battles, receiving multiple awards for his bravery.

🇩🇪 The Treaty of Versailles imposed severe economic and political conditions on Germany, leading to a crisis and fueling the rise of Nazism.

00:09:36 A naive man in the Third Reich. In 1920, Hess was impressed by Hitler. They both believed in the theory that Germany had been stabbed in the back by Jews and Bolsheviks. Hess fell in love with Elza, but also confessed his admiration for Hitler, who he believed would restore Germany's dignity. Hess joined the Nazi Party and participated in a failed coup. Despite being sentenced to prison, Hess remained devoted to Hitler.

📃 In 1920, Hiss meets Hitler and is impressed by him.

💑 Hiss falls in love with Elza but also admires Hitler for his ability to free Germany from the Treaty of Versailles.

🔀 Hiss and Hitler have a deeper connection as Hiss names his son after Hitler.

00:14:05 The video discusses the friendship between Hitler and Hess, highlighting Hess's loyalty and close relationship with Hitler. It explores Hess's role as Hitler's unofficial secretary and his influence in Hitler's rise to power.

📚 During their time in prison together, Hitler and Hess formed a strong friendship.

💪 Hess played a crucial role in the writing and editing of Hitler's famous book.

🤝 Hess remained loyal to Hitler and became his personal secretary, helping him rise to power.

00:18:25 A man named هيس from الإبراهيمية had an intriguing journey in الرايخ الثالث, involving astrology, magic, flight training, and a dangerous mission to negotiate peace with بريطانيا.

📌 Rudolf Hess, a close aide of Hitler, embarked on a secret mission to negotiate peace with Britain.

🤔 Hess's plan was not known to Hitler, and Churchill refused to meet with him, leading to the failure of his mission.

💣 Hess's flight to Scotland and subsequent imprisonment raised questions about Hitler's knowledge and contributed to his downfall.

00:22:56 A video discusses the story of Rudolf Hess and his time in prison after World War II, raising questions about his sanity and motivations for traveling to Britain.

💡 Carl Heinz describes Hitler's reaction to the news of Hess fleeing in the interrogation.

📰 The German media announced that Hess was mentally disturbed and justified his mental health deterioration with injuries from World War I.

🛫 The video explores the reasons for Hess's flight to Britain during the war, including psychological, strategic, ideological, and personal motivations.

00:27:35 A man imprisoned for almost 40 years, labeled 'The Loneliest Man in The World', sparks debate on his treatment and allegiance to the Nazi regime.

👨‍⚖️ A man named 'Hess' who served in prison for over 40 years and was considered the loneliest man in the world.

Debate over whether it was justifiable to keep him imprisoned for such a long time.

⚰️ 'Hess' died in prison, and there were questions surrounding his death and whether it was suicide or murder.

00:32:09 Reflections on an intriguing story and character. Uncertain about liking them as a friend or enemy. Important lessons: don't be too committed to an idea and don't idolize Hitler.

🔑 The video discusses the narrator's reflections on a character and the story and expresses fascination and uncertainty.

🎬 The narrator advises viewers to watch previous and new episodes, check sources, and subscribe to the channel.

💡 The video teaches two important lessons: to be cautious with ideas and not to idolize negative figures.

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