The Future of Local Journalism: A Conversation with James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’

James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’, discusses the importance of local journalism, accountability, and the challenges faced by the industry.

00:00:00 James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’ in Conversation with Michael Meadowcroft. The discussion covers the role of the Yorkshire Post, maintaining journalistic independence, and the support gained from taking a stance on important issues.

James Mitchinson is the editor of 'The Yorkshire Post' and he discusses the role of newspapers in local communities.

He highlights the importance of journalistic independence and staying true to journalistic values.

Mitchinson mentions the challenges faced by newspapers in the digital age and the need to attract more readers and subscribers.

00:10:17 James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’ in conversation with Michael Meadowcroft about the importance of good journalism in local communities and the future of print journalism.

📰 Print journalism is still valued by some individuals for its tactile experience and curated content.

💻 Digital journalism offers global distribution and cost-effectiveness, but can be overwhelming and unpleasant to consume.

🌍 Good journalism, regardless of format, plays a vital role in upholding truth and trust in our democracy.

00:20:33 James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’ discusses the benefits of a single devolved state for Yorkshire, highlighting its diverse talent and potential in global markets. He emphasizes the importance of trust in local journalism.

📚 The editor of 'The Yorkshire Post' discusses the challenges of digital journalism compared to traditional print media.

🗞️ Journalists at 'The Yorkshire Post' are dedicated to their work because they care about the county and its residents.

🌐 A unified Yorkshire with devolved powers would be a stronger player in global markets than individual cities.

💼 Amid the pandemic, priorities should shift towards navigating the new normal and supporting businesses and livelihoods.

🤝 Trust in local regional papers is crucial in a time of information overload and skepticism.

00:30:52 The Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’ discusses the importance of trust in journalism and the challenges posed by social media and fake news.

💡 Trust is essential for a newspaper and enables transactions.

📰 The power of social media to discredit trusted journalism and impact the bottom line.

🌐 The importance of high-quality professional trusted journalism in the digital age.

👥 The need for newspaper regulation to maintain trust and provide recourse for readers.

00:41:09 The conversation discusses the government's influence on museums and the importance of a free press. It also touches on engaging younger readers and preserving the legacy of 'The Yorkshire Post'.

👀 The speaker discusses the culture secretary's involvement in instructing museums on what they can display, comparing it to the state deciding what is exhibited.

🗞️ The importance of a fearless and free press in a functioning democracy is emphasized.

🔎 The challenge of engaging younger readers and producing relevant journalism while avoiding homogenization is discussed.

00:51:26 James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’, discusses the importance of local journalism, representing the community, and holding power accountable for the betterment of society.

Generating journalism for the betterment of the place and the people it serves.

Importance of face-to-face interactions in journalism.

Overview of the Yorkshire Post and its relationship with other publications.

Journalism as a career and its role in representing the community.

Efforts to amplify the voice of the region and hold power accountable.

Limitations of the mainstream media in holding power to account.

01:01:43 James Mitchinson, Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Post’, discusses the frustration of holding those in power accountable. While journalists speak truth to power, the lack of consequences for corruption and lies remains a concern.

📰 Journalists face challenges in holding power to account and ensuring consequences for wrongdoing.

🔦 Mainstream media shines a light on corruption and lies, but consequences are someone else's responsibility.

💡 Exploring the idea of using crowd-sourcing or funds to prosecute and demonstrate against scandals.

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