59 note-taking apps for all your productivity needs

Explore 59 note-taking apps for various purposes, including mind mapping, coding, and general productivity.

00:00:00 Explore 59 note-taking apps divided into librarian, gardener, architect, and student categories. Options include Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Upnote, Google Keep, Milanote, and MyMind.

There are 59 note-taking apps covered in the video, divided into categories: librarian, gardener, architect, and student apps.

Some popular note-taking apps mentioned include Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Upnote, Google Keep, and Milanote.

Milanote and Mymind are recommended as visual note-taking apps, suitable for storing pictures and designs.

00:06:50 Explore 59 note-taking apps including options like Trello, Bangla IO, MyReach, Blocks, Nimbus Notes, Zoho Notebooks, and Fe and Fa.

📝 There are several note-taking apps available with different features and functionalities.

💼 Trello is a versatile app that can be used for both project management and note-taking.

🔒 Bangle IO is a privacy-focused note-taking app that uses markdown and allows for linking notes.

00:13:40 Discover 59 note taking apps for various purposes, including mind mapping, coding, and general productivity. Explore options like Joplin, Aquarium, Notes Nook, and Tank Notes. Check out visual apps like Hepta Base and Screen Tool. Consider Super Notes for easy note sharing among students.

📝 There are several note-taking apps that offer different features and functionalities.

💼 Some note-taking apps are specifically designed for developers and coding, while others are more suitable for general productivity.

🔒 There are also note-taking apps that prioritize privacy and encryption.

00:20:31 A list of note-taking apps, including options for sharing, AI organization, easier usability, AI tagging, bullet points, and idea execution. No sponsorships or brand names mentioned.

📝 There are multiple note-taking apps available, each with different features and benefits.

🔎 Some note-taking apps offer great search filters and tagging capabilities for better organization.

💡 AI-powered note-taking apps can automate organization and provide additional features like chat-based assistance.

00:27:19 59 note taking apps you can choose. Obsidian, Logseq, and Rome Research are among the best options for outlining. Notion and Craft are great for organizing and building workflows. Twos is a popular list maker app. Anytype is a privacy-focused alternative to Notion.

📝 Obsidian is the best note-taking app with a learning curve and great features.

📋 Logsec and Obsidian are great outlining apps with a steep learning curve.

🔍 Rome Research is a reliable note-taking app for research and idea connection.

🎓 Rem Note is a note-taking app with a flashcard feature, ideal for students.

💼 Notion is a versatile app for note-taking, organizing workflows, and databases.

📎 Craft is an alternative to Notion for note-taking and writing longer documents.

📆 Twos is a list-making app with a review feature, great for productivity.

🔐 Anytype is a privacy-focused app similar to Notion and Obsidian.

00:34:09 This video discusses various note-taking apps, including Lexic, ClickUp, Capacities, Tana, X Styles, Walling, Talskate, and Microsoft Loop.

📝 There are several note-taking apps recommended in the video.

🔍 Some apps mentioned have a learning curve, but offer advanced features and customization options.

🌟 Microsoft Loop is a developing alternative to notion for teams integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem.

00:40:59 Discover 59 note-taking apps to choose from, including Notion, Apple Notes, Note Plan Three, Standard Notes, Personal AI, Diamondlist, Moleskine Flow, Bear Notes, Simplenote, and GoodNotes. Find the perfect app for your productivity needs!

📝 There are several note-taking apps available for different devices and preferences.

💡 Notion is an open-source alternative to the popular app, offering calendar and kanban board features.

🍎 Apple Notes is a user-friendly iOS app that integrates to-do lists, calendars, and notes.

🖊️ NotePlan Three is an iOS app that uses markdown and allows for bi-directional note linking and daily planning.

🤖 Personal AI is an app where users can store information and retrieve it by asking questions to their own AI assistant.

🗒️ Diamond List is an easy-to-use outliner app, suitable for writers and organizing thoughts.

✏️ Moleskine Flow is an iPad app for creative individuals who enjoy drawing and handwriting notes.

🐻 Bear Notes is an iOS app with great organization features, serving as an alternative to Evernote.

📱 Simple Note is a lightweight and user-friendly note-taking app available for Android and Windows devices.

🖊️ GoodNotes is a highly recommended app for iPad users who want to take digital handwritten notes.

📚 Another app for iPad users is Notability, which allows for easy searching, recording, and sharing of notes.

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