Bridging Communication Gaps: Lessons from West Africa

A coaching session led to improved understanding and project management in West Africa. Cultural differences in communication were addressed.

00:00:00 A story of an employee facing communication problems and a coaching session that led to a solution. Sharing experience from working in West Africa improved understanding and project management.

🌍 Cross-cultural communication challenges can impede project management.

📧📞 Sharing personal experience of communication practices in West Africa.

Ensuring understanding, acceptance, and delivery of requests through direct communication.

00:01:02 Understanding cultural differences in communication, particularly between email and spoken word, in West Africa where English is a third language.

🌍 Understanding cultural differences in communication.

📧 Email as a Western mode of communication.

🗣️ The importance of spoken word in West Africa.

🌐 English as a third language in the context.

✉️ Email may not be effective in the cultural context.

Summary of a video "Communicating Across Cultures" by Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning on YouTube.

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