Unveiling the Dark Side of H&M

The truth about H&M: Child labor, poor working conditions, and environmental harm revealed. Clothing production triples since 1984. Unsold clothes burnt instead of donated.

00:00:00 H&M is known for its collaborations with charitable organizations and sustainability efforts. However, there is another side to H&M that involves its majority shareholder and his immense wealth.

👔 H&M is known for its collaborations with charitable organizations, eco-friendly initiatives, and recycling campaigns.

💵 Stefan Persson, the majority shareholder of H&M, is extremely wealthy with an estimated fortune of $20 billion.

🌍 H&M has a successful history, starting as a women's clothing store in Sweden and expanding globally after World War II.

00:01:45 The truth about H&M: A global clothing chain with 150,000 employees, facing criticism for overcrowding stores and poor working conditions overseas.

🛍️ H&m is a popular clothing retailer with stores in 60 countries and 150,000 employees.

🌍 The fashion industry, including H&M, faces criticism for poor working conditions and ethical concerns.

💰 Despite H&M's success, its sustainability claims and reality may not always align.

00:03:30 H&M's involvement in child labor has been revealed, contrary to their claims of ethical practices. They justify it by stating that it is legal to employ children aged 14 and above in Burma. The company shifts responsibility to the suppliers for wages and working conditions.

📚 H&M joined an organization in 2016 that conducts both scheduled and surprise inspections in their factories to ensure ethical practices.

⚠️ There have been reports of child labor in H&M's supply chain, with girls as young as 14 working long hours below the minimum wage.

🤔 H&M has responded to these accusations by citing the legality of child labor in certain countries and placing responsibility on their suppliers.

00:05:14 H&M's involvement in child labor and poor treatment of workers revealed. Public pressure prompted action, but issues persist domestically. Flex contracts create insecurity and favoritism.

👉 H&M has been involved in unethical practices, such as child labor and exploitation of Syrian refugee children.

🔍 There has been criticism of how H&M treats its employees, including preventing the formation of workers' councils, intimidating union representatives, and providing poor working conditions.

📢 H&M uses flexible contracts for 41% of its employees in Germany, leading to unstable working hours and income, allowing for favoritism and punishment based on arbitrary allocation of work hours.

00:06:58 The truth about H&M: Employees are generally satisfied, but the fast fashion industry contributes to a throwaway society. Marketing tactics, like H&M's recycling program, encourage excessive buying. Clothing production has tripled since 1984.

H&M has not directly addressed specific allegations but claims that employees are generally satisfied.

The fashion industry's fast fashion model leads to excessive consumption and waste.

H&M encourages continuous buying through marketing tactics like a recycling initiative.

00:08:44 The truth about H&M: Clothing is recycled, but also sold in poorer countries, damaging local markets. H&M claims to invest in development and the environment, but critics argue it causes more harm than good. Recent investigations found that unsold clothes are burnt rather than donated.

🌍 H&M sells recycled clothes and also sells clothes to poorer countries, which negatively impacts local markets and producers.

💰 H&M claims to invest in development work and environmental research, but the process of collecting and reusing clothes has a high energy cost.

🔥 Recent findings suggest that H&M not only burns unsold new clothes but also handles recycled clothes questionably.

00:10:26 The truth about H&M: They avoid selling their products cheaply in their own stores to prevent losses. They face criticism for environmental and ethical issues.

🔍 H&M engages in practices to avoid discounting their products in their own stores, potentially causing losses.

🌍 There are environmental concerns related to H&M's actions and their impact on the environment.

👥 H&M has faced criticism for issues such as sexist advertising, and experts believe that the fashion industry as a whole has many problems.

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