Interview with Javier Larragoiti: Awards, Challenges, and Growth of Xilinat

Javier Larragoiti discusses the awards received by Xilinat, their focus on marketing, the challenges of post-pandemic society, and the economic impact. He also talks about the growth and vision behind Xilinat and their strategy to reach health-conscious customers.

00:00:00 Javier Larragoiti has received numerous awards and recognition for his social responsibility project. It has received funding through national and international prizes and has made a positive impact on health and the environment.

🏆 Javier Larragoiti has received numerous awards and recognition for his social impact project.

💰 The project has been funded through national and international awards, accounting for 80% of their financial resources.

❤️ The project supports farmers, addresses health issues, and has a positive environmental impact.

00:01:36 In this interview, Javier Larragoiti discusses the recognition and awards received by Xilinat, as well as their focus on controlled marketing channels. He also talks about the challenges and opportunities in the Mexican society after the pandemic, particularly the loss of jobs.

🏆 We have received prestigious awards from universities and organizations, including being recognized as one of the 35 innovations that will change the world and a global solution for circular economy.

🌎 Our focus on limited production and effective marketing channels has allowed us to gain recognition without significant marketing expenses.

💼 One of the challenges post-pandemic will be the loss of jobs, which presents an opportunity for us to contribute to the economy.

00:03:11 Interview with Javier Larragoiti/Xilinat discussing the economic impact of the crisis and the importance of entrepreneurship and creating new jobs to recover the economy.

Motivating more people to become entrepreneurs is the key solution to the economic setback caused by the crisis.

👥 To successfully start a business, having a strong team and a wide network of contacts is essential.

🚀 The interviewee's personal entrepreneurial journey was driven by a sentimental situation but was guided by a business-minded partner.

00:04:45 An interview with Javier Larragoiti, discussing the growth and business vision behind Xilinat, a sugar substitute that functions similarly to sugar in baking.

🌱 The technology behind Xilinat's product is a sustainable sugar substitute.

🍰 Xilinat's product can be used as a substitute for sugar in baking and maintains the same texture and flavor.

💰 Xilinat's product is commercially available and can be purchased online or in stores.

00:06:20 Interview with Javier Larragoiti about Xilinat, a Mexican product. They have limited production, but use digital channels and retail distributors to reach health-conscious customers.

🌱 The production of Xilinat, a sugar substitute, has increased from 1 ton in 2019 to 3 tons before the pandemic.

🛒 Xilinat uses digital channels like Amazon, MercadoLibre, and their website, as well as retail distributors, to ensure product availability.

💪 Most of Xilinat's customers are health-conscious individuals rather than people with chronic diseases like diabetes.

00:07:53 Interview with Javier Larragoiti, creator of Xilinat, a sugar substitute that fills a market gap for those who want to avoid sugar but dislike other substitutes.

🍬 Xilinat is a sugar substitute that has the same taste as sugar but is not as sweet as stevia.

💡 Xilinat fills a gap in the market for people who want to avoid consuming sugar but don't like other substitutes.

👨‍⚕️ The founder's motivation for creating Xilinat was his father's illness and the challenges faced by people with diabetes.

00:09:28 An interview with Javier Larragoiti, founder of Xilinat, who shares the motivation behind their work with farmers and the impact it has on their lives.

🌱 The team at Xilinat is motivated by the stories of the farmer families they work with.

💰 The money generated from their work has helped families buy necessities like refrigerators and school supplies.

👪 Seeing the growth and positive impact on the farmer families is the most rewarding aspect for the Xilinat team.

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