Freddie Wong/RocketJump: The Journey from YouTube to Filmmaking

The rise and departure of Freddie Wong and RocketJump are discussed in this video, highlighting his collaborations, projects, and transition from YouTube to filmmaking.

00:00:00 The Rise and What Happened to Freddie Wong/RocketJump? - A summary of Freddie Wong's rise to fame on YouTube, his collaborations and projects, and his departure from the platform.

Freddie Wong started his YouTube channel in 2006 and gained fame through his Guitar Hero videos.

In 2010, Freddie and his team began producing CGI videos on their main channel, and Freddie created a second channel for behind-the-scenes content.

Freddie formed a production company called Rocket Jump and continued making popular videos related to video games and movies.

00:03:15 The Rise and What Happened to Freddie Wong/RocketJump? The video discusses the success of Freddie Wong's YouTube channel, the creation of the web series 'Video Game High School,' and the growth of RocketJump as a brand.

🎮 Freddie Wong's rise to success on YouTube and his creation of the web series Video Game High School (VGHS).

💰 Funding success through Kickstarter campaigns for VGHS seasons 1, 2, and 3, raising a total of over $1.9 million.

🎥 Expansion of RocketJump's YouTube channel, including the creation of sub-channels, the release of VFX videos, and appearances on Conan.

00:06:31 This video discusses the rise and decline of RocketJump, including their work on video game high school, VFX videos, and their partnership with Crunchyroll. Freddie Wong talks about his shift from VFX shorts to filmmaking. The video also mentions the success of the floor is lava and curved the bullet videos.

📺 Freddie Wong and Matt had a car flipping stunt and a cameo from Conan.

🎮 They released the final season of Video Game High School and collaborated with popular YouTubers.

📽️ Rocket Jump produced a show called Rocket Jump, managed their channel, and released Dimension 404.

🎥 Freddie focused on filmmaking, gained viral video success, and produced Anime Crimes Division.

00:09:37 The rise and departure of Freddie Wong and RocketJump are discussed in this podcast episode. Brandon reveals his reasons for leaving the Freddie W channel, including a desire for creative change and dissatisfaction with YouTube's business model. He goes on to discuss his successful VR game development, including the release of boneworks and bone lab.

🎮 Brandon's passion for VR and his desire to revolutionize the industry.

🚪 Brandon's decision to leave the Freddie W channel and pursue a different creative path.

💼 The business factors and content strategy on YouTube that influenced Brandon's departure.

🎮 Brandon's game development journey, from mixed reviews to the success of Boneworks and Bone lab.

📺 Brandon's plans to make videos explaining his engineering process and commit to post-launch updates.

🗣️ Jimmy Wan's involvement with Freddie and their conversation on the podcast.

00:12:48 The Rise and What Happened to Freddie Wong/RocketJump? This video discusses the journey of Freddie Wong, his collaborations, and current projects, including his involvement in a comedy podcast and a band.

📺 Freddie Wong's rise to fame and his collaborations with Jimmy Wong.

🎮 Jimmy Wong's ventures in gaming and voice acting.

🎙️ Freddie Wong's involvement in the Dungeons and Daddies comedy podcast.

00:15:58 The Rise and What Happened to Freddie Wong/RocketJump? - A look into Freddie Wong's journey as a YouTuber and his desire to transition from personality-driven content to narrative filmmaking.

🎥 Freddie Wong dislikes being a personality on YouTube and wants to be known for his narrative content.

Freddie discusses the negative impact of producing short videos on his health and sleep schedule.

🎬 Freddie shares the challenges of being judged for his YouTube background in Hollywood.

00:19:02 A summary of Freddie Wong/RocketJump's rise and what happened to him. It includes reactions to his web series, behind-the-scenes memories, a podcast appearance, and his recent interest in pottery.

🎥 Freddie Wong gives permission for a reaction stream to his web series Video Game High School.

📺 Jay Schlatt livestreams the show while sharing his personal connection to Freddie W and Ted shares a picture with Freddie at PAX East.

🎙️ Freddie appears as a guest on a podcast where he discusses the challenges of uploading Video Game High School episodes.

00:21:51 An interview with Freddie Wong discussing the business size of his YouTube channel and his movie project.

📺 Freddie Wong discusses the business side and size of his YouTube channel and podcast.

💰 The success of the Dungeons and Daddies podcast helped fund Freddie's movie project.

🎥 Freddie provides an update on the progress of his movie, planned for release and festival submission in 2023.

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