ESP32 tutorial: Installing software

Learn how to install software for the ESP32 board in this tutorial.

00:00:01 Learn how to set up the programming environment for the ESP32 board in this tutorial. Download the Arduino IDE, add the board link, and open the board manager.

👋 Introduction to the tutorial on programming the ESP32 board

📥 Downloading and installing the Arduino IDE

🔗 Adding the ESP32 board to the Arduino IDE

00:01:14 This video provides a tutorial on installing software for the ESP32 board. It guides you through the process and prepares you for the programming part.

🔍 Search for the ESP32 and install the software.

🛠️ Access the ESP32 board through the tools menu and start the programming process.

👋 Congratulations! Stay tuned for the next video.

Summary of a video "ESP32 tutorial A-01: Software install" by ADEL KASSAH on YouTube.

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