Revolution and Independence: The Mexican War in the 1800s

The Mexican War of Independence led to Mexico's independence from Spain, changes in government, and social structure. It sparked a revolution that united the nation.

00:00:12 The Mexican War of Independence was a revolution in Mexico against Spanish rule in the 1800s, leading to the country's independence and its current territorial boundaries.

🌍 At the start of the 1800s, Europe and the Americas experienced a cultural and political shift.

🇲🇽 Mexico was ruled over by Spain and a sense of anger against the Spanish was growing.

🌎 Mexico declared its independence and became the country it is today.

00:01:42 The Mexican War of Independence was fueled by changes in Spanish government, anger about the social structure, and influence from the Enlightenment.

📜 The Mexican War of Independence was fueled by changes in Spanish government and dissatisfaction with the social structure in the colonies.

💡 The influence of political liberalism, rationalism, and the Enlightenment from the United States and Europe played a significant role in the rebellion in New Spain.

🌍 The Bourbons' focus on using New Spain as a source of money, along with the introduction of French practices, also contributed to the need for independence.

00:03:13 The Mexican War of Independence was a popular revolt in Mexico led by Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos. It aimed for independence from Spain, redistribution of land, and equality of races.

🌎 The majority of Mexico during the Mexican War of Independence consisted of marginalized groups with little say in the government.

⚔️ The revolution was driven by the need for change and was not fueled by anger towards Spain like the American Revolution.

🗣️ The rebellion was initially led by Miguel Hidalgo, a Roman Catholic priest, and later continued by Jose Maria Morelos.

00:04:45 The Mexican War of Independence: from small militia to a new country. On September 16th, Mexico declared independence from Spain, commemorated by the Angel of Independence monument.

🇲🇵 The Mexican War of Independence was almost extinguished, but the revolution took a complete turn due to a liberal coup d'etat in Spain.

🇲🇪 Agustin de Iturbide emerged as a new leader and released the Plan of Iguala, which declared independence, equality, and the supremacy of Roman Catholicism.

💪👻 Mexico celebrated its independence on September 16th and built the Angel of Independence monument to commemorate the beginning of the war.

🇬🇧 The bodies of the independence heroes, including Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos, were buried in a mausoleum under the monument.

00:06:19 The Mexican War of Independence led to Mexico becoming a federal republic. The country has had multiple new constitutions since the 1800s. Mexico's culture is influenced by Roman Catholicism and a mix of races, including mestizos and European, native, and African roots.

🇲🇽 Mexico has evolved from a constitutional monarchy to a federal republic, with multiple constitutions since the 1800s.

⛪️ Roman Catholicism has had a significant cultural influence on Mexico through the constitution and national holidays.

🌍 Mexico's population is predominantly mestizo, with smaller percentages of Europeans, Native Americans, and African roots.

00:07:50 The Mexican War of Independence and the influence of Spanish-French architecture. Indigenous languages still spoken throughout the country. Mexicans in globalized areas have higher incomes than those in less exposed regions.

🇲🇽 Mexico's architecture is influenced by Spanish and French styles, while its name comes from the Aztecs.

💼 Globalization has had a positive impact on Mexicans living in areas with high exposure, leading to higher incomes.

💰 In the 1990s, there was an increase in poverty among workers, which remains a problem today.

🏭 Mexico has developed a manufacturing-oriented economy, with a significant contribution from the petroleum industry.

🌍 Mexico has numerous free trade agreements and actively participates in international trade partnerships.

00:09:24 The Mexican War of Independence sparked a revolution where the entire nation fought together. Mexico's achievements should not be taken for granted. The revolution almost didn't win, but the nation came together to solve a problem.

The Mexican War of Independence was sparked by the anger of the common citizen.

The revolution in Mexico ended with the entire nation fighting together.

Mexico became an example of what happens when the nation comes together to solve a problem.

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