Uncovering the Dark Side of Adidas: Ethical Concerns and Scandals

The controversial history and unethical practices of Adidas, from low wages to bribery scandals, prompt reflection on continued support for the brand.

00:00:00 A city divided by competition between two brands founded by two brothers. The story of Adidas reveals the ambition of making money and their journey from a small workshop to a leading sports brand.

✍️ Adidas was founded by two brothers who started a small workshop in the 1920s.

💵 They became both competitors and one of the world's leading sports brands.

🏃 Adolf was responsible for production while Rudolf handled marketing.

00:00:51 The video discusses the controversial history of Adidas, founded by Adolf, and the sins he committed during his time. #MarkaGünahları 6.

Adolf and Rudolf Dassler were brothers who founded sports brands Adidas and Puma respectively.

Adolf Dassler's Adidas gained recognition by designing and providing shoes to athlete Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympic Games.

The rivalry between Adidas and Puma divided the city and people had to choose sides between the two brands.

00:01:50 Adidas faces questions about its treatment of employees and suppliers, including low wages and child labor.

👟 Adidas terminated its contract with rapper Kanye West after he made controversial comments about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

💼 Adidas is criticized for the treatment of its employees, including low wages and lack of salary monitoring in the supply chain.

👶 Child labor is unfortunately present among Adidas employees, with children working long hours for low wages.

00:02:51 Adidas' factory workers paid only $1 per day, facing poor treatment and long working hours. Allegations of abusing sustainable label and neglecting climate crisis. Lack of transparency in practice.

👩‍⚖️ Adidas' factory in Bangkok exploits workers by making them work long hours for low wages.

🌍 Adidas neglects the climate crisis and fails to allocate resources for sustainable practices.

🏭 Companies using 'environmentally friendly' technology in Europe end up causing harm to employees and natural resources in Southeast Asia.

00:03:42 Adidas faces setbacks in sustainability marathon, risking harm to human health through toxic materials and microplastics. Brands prioritize turnover over well-being.

Adidas has faced setbacks in sustainability due to problems in the supply chain and ignorance of the effects of microplastics.

Adidas has been accused of endangering people's lives by recycling toxic materials in the equipment for the 2014 World Cup.

Brands prioritize turnover over human health, leading to harmful effects on human health through the production of toxic equipment.

00:04:40 Adidas involved in basketball bribery scandal. Young athletes' dreams ruined. Also sent insensitive email referencing Boston Marathon bombing.

🏀 Adidas bribed 3 teams in the American College Basketball League.

⚖️ The scandal involved Adidas violating the league's regulations and resulted in legal actions.

✉️ Adidas caused controversy by sending an email referencing a terrorist act at the Boston Marathon.

💔 The scandal affected the dreams and careers of many young athletes involved.

00:05:34 Adidas faces backlash and apologizes for supporting a terrorist act. People question its actions and suggest the need for penalties. Sustainability efforts and production challenges also discussed.

👉 Adidas faced intense public backlash for sending an email that was seen as supporting terrorism.

🔁 The company made concessions and apologized multiple times due to public reactions.

🌍🛠️ Adidas has not been successful in achieving sustainability in production and has negative impacts on the environment and worker conditions.

00:06:29 A discussion on the flaws of a popular brand, prompting viewers to reflect on their continued support despite global mistakes.

The video discusses the controversies surrounding the brand Adidas.

It questions whether consumers still support Adidas despite its global mistakes.

Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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