Profitable Business Ideas and the Power of Data in the Data Industry

A conversation with a successful founder about profitable business ideas and the importance of data in the data industry.

00:00:00 A conversation with a $100M/year founder about profitable business ideas in the data industry, including organizing existing data for easy understanding and selling data residue as valuable products.

πŸ”‘ CB Insights is a successful data business that organizes existing data into easy-to-understand formats and sells it at high fees.

πŸ’‘ Sawdust data refers to the residual data from products, which can be valuable and sold to other industries.

🌱 Tiny but growing niches and inflection points are lucrative areas for business ideas.

00:09:06 The video discusses profitable business ideas, including representation media for different communities and a daily executive briefing email service with recurring revenue potential. Other ideas mentioned are a pricing data database for software and data businesses.

πŸ’‘ There is a growing demand for representation media that showcases success in various communities, such as Hispanic entrepreneurs and autistic scientists.

πŸ’‘ Access to culturally and religiously relevant children's books is limited, and there is a need for diverse and accessible content for parents.

πŸ’‘ Creating diverse protagonists in children's stories can be a successful business strategy as kids love seeing characters that look like them.

πŸ’‘ A daily executive briefing email service focused on specific industries, such as financial services, can be a profitable side hustle business.

πŸ’‘ Politico Pro, a niche daily briefing service for professionals in politics and related fields, achieved over $100 million in recurring revenue.

πŸ’‘ Building a daily briefing business that provides in-depth knowledge and analysis for specific industries, such as pharmaceuticals or finance, can be highly lucrative.

πŸ’‘ Data businesses, like those in the information and trade show industries, have the potential for significant profit due to their scalable nature and high margins.

πŸ’‘ Extracting pricing data from SaaS tools and creating a searchable database can provide valuable information for comparing prices and features.

00:18:45 Asking a founder for profitable business ideas. They discuss the importance of data, having a unique voice in B2B software, and disrupting college rankings with income data.

πŸ’‘ Collecting pricing data from companies and their customers can lead to interesting insights and valuable information.

πŸš€ Being different and having a unique voice can help a B2B company stand out in the market and generate engagement, even though it may result in some criticism and lost customers.

πŸ’° When it comes to pricing a software product, it is important to consider the value it provides and not underprice it, as a low price may attract low-quality customers.

πŸŽ“ Challenging the traditional college rankings by focusing on graduates' earnings potential and job prospects can provide valuable information for parents and students making college choices.

πŸ“Š Building a data asset by gathering information that most people won't do can create unique and valuable insights that can be monetized.

00:28:23 Asking A $100M/Year Founder For Profitable Business Ideas (#413). The video discusses various business ideas, including the potential value of private data and the possibility of competing with McCormick's spice company. The founder also shares insights on his approach to salary and company growth.

πŸ“ˆ Private data will become more valuable due to the rise of GPT technology.

🌢️ There is room for a competitor in the spice market, focusing on branding and packaging design.

πŸ’° The founder did not take money out of the company and prioritized business growth and opportunities.

00:38:00 A founder discusses his dream of building a school of entrepreneurship and buying struggling colleges. He also shares his experience running his late father's chemical business and the importance of non-financial objectives in a sale.

🏫 The speaker's dream is to build a school of entrepreneuring and revolutionize education by teaching kids how to build businesses instead of going to college.

πŸ’° There are opportunities to buy struggling colleges and build a campus for high-achieving students, with some campuses being sold for single digit millions or around 15 million dollars.

🀝 The speaker's experience running his father's chemical business in India taught him valuable lessons about managing and selling a company, including the importance of finding the right buyer and prioritizing non-financial objectives.

00:47:39 The video discusses a controversial business figure and their potentially fraudulent practices. The importance of analyzing complex organizational structures and potential red flags in companies is highlighted.

Negotiate strategically and don't make negotiations overly painful.

Question the industry standards and advocate for your own benefit.

Be cautious of convoluted organizational structures and shell games.

00:57:16 A discussion about the experiences and insights of successful founders, including the challenges Tesla faced and the importance of expanding audiences through partnerships.

πŸ“Š Tesla and FDX were mentioned in relation to a young executive who achieved success in their respective fields.

πŸ“ˆ Elon Musk revealed that Tesla was on the verge of failure before the success of the Model 3 production ramp.

πŸ’Ό The CEO's job is to present a positive image of the company, even if there are underlying issues or weaknesses.

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