20 Essential Tips for New Lyft Drivers in 2023

Learn essential tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023, including saving money, providing excellent customer service, and maximizing efficiency.

00:00:00 Learn 20 essential tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023, including packing your own lunch to save money. Watch now!

Tips to save money as a new Lyft driver

Importance of tracking expenses

The value of packing your own lunch

00:01:28 Tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023: save money with a gas station membership, an app called get upside, and catering to bonuses and profitable hours.

💰 Save money on gas by getting a gas station membership and using the Get Upside app.

🎁 Take advantage of Lyft's bonuses by flexibly scheduling your rides.

Drive during peak hours to maximize profitability.

00:02:57 Tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023: Only drive on weekends, track expenses for write-offs, provide excellent customer service to earn tips.

💡 Working weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for 12 hour days can maximize earnings as a Lyft driver.

🧾 Keeping track of expenses such as phone mounts, snacks, and hand sanitizer is crucial for maximizing tax write-offs as a Lyft driver.

🚕 Providing exceptional customer service by dressing professionally, going above and beyond, and offering assistance with luggage and stops can lead to higher tips.

00:04:24 Learn 20 tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023, including when to talk to passengers, utilizing driver referrals, and getting guaranteed earnings.

💰 Making money as a Lyft driver requires knowing when to talk and when to be quiet.

🎫 Utilizing driver referrals can lead to earning extra money for new drivers.

💼 Getting guaranteed earnings and using third-party pairings like Play Octopus can help drivers achieve financial stability.

00:05:53 Tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023: provide extra service for more tips, keep your car clean, use a dash cam for peace of mind, and use a magnetic mount for convenience.

🚗 Providing extra level of service through a tablet game app can earn more tips.

🧼 Keeping the car clean with a reliable car wash membership is important for customer satisfaction.

🎥 Having a dash cam is crucial for recording incidents and ensuring innocence.

📲 Using a magnetic mount is recommended for easy phone access and safety.

00:07:21 Tips for maximizing efficiency and organization for rideshare drivers, such as using separate devices for Uber and Lyft, having spill-proof drink carriers, and using seat blockers to prevent phone accidents.

🚗 Using a secondary device for Uber/Lyft driving is recommended to avoid distractions and optimize efficiency.

📱💻 A small tablet with split screen capabilities and a separate data plan can be useful for running both Uber and Lyft apps simultaneously.

🥤🔒 Investing in spill-proof drink carriers and seat blockers can help maintain a clean and organized car.

00:08:50 Learn 20 valuable tips for new Lyft drivers in 2023, including the importance of rideshare insurance for just $9 a week to ensure you're covered on the road.

🚗 Ride share insurance is crucial for Lyft drivers as it provides coverage while on the road.

💰 Rideshare insurance is affordable and can be purchased separately from the main insurance plan.

📱 Check out 'Work Solo' and 'Play Octopus' for opportunities to earn more money as a Lyft driver.

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