The Art of Enjoying Free Time and Achieving Personal Goals

A coaching demo on the art of enjoying free time and achieving personal goals, while overcoming self-doubt and societal expectations.

00:00:00 A woman who recently lost her job is enjoying her newfound free time but is uncertain about pursuing her dream of becoming a practitioner and writer due to self-doubt.

🌟 The speaker shares their enjoyment of not working and spending time with loved ones and hobbies.

💭 They express their desire to become a three principle practitioner and write a book, but have doubts and negative thoughts.

They question the importance of negative thoughts and consider going back to nursing for a steady income.

00:02:25 In this coaching demo, the focus is on achieving personal goals and finding enjoyment in free time. Self-publishing and expanding a three principal practice are discussed.

📚 The success of a book depends on its popularity and positive feedback.

🧙‍♂️ The desired outcome of the coaching session is to align one's actions towards achieving their goals.

📝 The next steps involve writing more, self-publishing, and exploring the requirements for a three principal practice.

00:04:58 This coaching demo explores the art of enjoying free time while overcoming the feeling of needing to constantly do something.

🔑 The speaker discusses the idea of enjoying free time and the importance of doing things that bring joy.

💡 The individual expresses a sense of impatience and a desire for more productivity and engagement with certain activities.

🧠 There is a conflict between the individual's desire to relax and the feeling of needing to be productive, leading to a discussion about finding balance.

00:07:26 A coaching demo on the art of enjoying free time, emphasizing the importance of listening to your heart and taking time for self-care.

🤔 Your ego knows nothing about the future or who you really are.

❤️ You enjoy not having certain challenges in your life.

🌱 Taking time for yourself prepares the foundation for everything you want to create.

00:10:02 Discovering the joy of free time and finding true fulfillment in life, while navigating societal expectations. A coaching session with Gina reveals the importance of following one's own wisdom and nourishing experiences.

🔑 The speaker acknowledges that the listener may be tired of doing what they should be doing and encourages them to enjoy their free time.

🔐 The speaker suggests taking a break to have a conversation with others before addressing the listener's situation.

🌟 The speaker emphasizes the importance of following what feels wholesome and true in determining the next steps in the listener's life.

00:12:28 Coaching Demo - The Art of Enjoying Free Time: A singer/songwriter finds inspiration in Leonard Cohen's work and emphasizes the importance of embracing the present moment to truly live and share wisdom.

📚 The singer Leonard Cohen's documentary inspired the speaker to appreciate the beauty in life and stop expecting constant success.

💫 The speaker encourages the listener, Gina, to relax into the real masterpiece of life to share wisdom and make an impact.

🎢 The speaker emphasizes that the true joy and fulfillment come from living in the present and enjoying life's ups and downs.

00:14:57 Coaching demo on how to enjoy free time by realizing the importance of relaxation and letting go of obligations.

📚 The purpose of books is to guide you to the truth within yourself.

👥 The coach wants to work with someone else first and come back to Jeana later.

🌟 Jeana realizes it's important to relax and not have a strict to-do list.

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