Redefining Success: Prioritizing Well-being in the Workplace

Jen Fisher shares her journey of resilience and purpose, highlighting the importance of well-being in the workplace.

00:00:00 A cancer diagnosis led Jen Fisher to redefine wellbeing and make better decisions. She shares her journey of resilience and purpose in the face of adversity.

🔑 Wellbeing is not about luxuries, but about the daily decisions we make, especially during challenging times.

🚫 Setting boundaries and making time for rest is crucial during difficult periods.

💪 Facing cancer can be an opportunity for personal growth and becoming a better leader.

00:02:06 A speaker shares her experience of overcoming challenges in the workplace and finding true success despite societal pressures.

🔑 The speaker shares her personal journey of overcoming burnout and cancer to become a better leader.

🗣️ She discusses the misconception of equating overworking with success and the lack of role models for work-life balance.

😔 The speaker highlights the signs of burnout, including exhaustion, emotional instability, and losing oneself.

00:04:16 A TEDx talk about the challenges of burnout and the need to address it seriously in the workplace to create a better work environment.

🔑 Burnout is a distinct condition without a concrete medical diagnosis, often overlooked or questioned.

💡 Many believe that burnout can be solved by resting or taking a vacation, but it should be treated as seriously as cancer in the workplace.

🌟 Quitting isn't the solution to burnout; creating a better work environment is the key to addressing it.

00:06:23 In a world of collective burnout, work is becoming a critical determinant of our well-being. Technology hasn't made us more efficient, but rather created a constant sense of urgency and fear of missing out. The belief that overworking is the only path to success needs to be challenged.

Work has a significant impact on our well-being, and burnout is not a personal weakness.

Technology has created a 24-hour work cycle and a fear of missing out, undermining efficiency.

💪 The belief that overworking is the only path to success is flawed, and we should prioritize working well.

00:08:34 The speaker discusses the importance of self-care and setting boundaries, as well as the changing skill set of leaders in the future of work.

Taking care of yourself is crucial for success.

The skills needed for great leadership are changing.

Productivity should not be the only measure of well-being.

00:10:43 The Future of Work emphasizes the need for human sustainability and challenges the current work culture, advocating for a shift towards well-being as a leadership skill set and systemic solutions.

💼 Companies should invest in creating cultures of human sustainability.

🤝 Servant leadership should prioritize self-care as a skill set.

🌍 Well-being at work requires systemic solutions and challenging outdated norms.

00:12:53 The Future of Work: Co-creating a better work environment for the future generation with improved wellbeing as the focus.

🌍 Work needs to be co-created by everyone for the betterment of society and the environment.

The current working conditions may be viewed negatively in the future, similar to how we see the industrial Revolution now.

🚀 Our future generations will recognize this time as a turning point where we prioritized well-being and made it a central focus in our work.

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