The Impact of a Costly Mistake: Reflections on Event Cancellation

The cancellation of an event after a costly mistake led to disappointment and challenges for the speaker.

00:00:00 The cancellation of chess boxing after nine months of work and $100,000 spent is the biggest failure in the speaker's career.

💔 Chess boxing is canceled, costing the speaker $100,000 and considered their biggest failure.

🔥 The speaker had grand plans to improve chess boxing with bigger fighters and a Las Vegas event.

🤔 Despite the setback, the speaker is open to iterating on the event and making it better in the future.

00:03:12 A costly mistake led to the cancellation of a major chess boxing event due to safety concerns and regulatory restrictions.

The speaker created a chess boxing event called Skydive chess boxing.

The event had famous fighters, but it was canceled due to safety concerns.

USA boxing laws prevented the event from taking place.

00:06:28 A costly mistake in organizing a boxing event led to the risk of lawsuits and imprisonment. Obtaining the license from the Nevada State Athletic Commission became a challenge due to the unique nature of chess boxing.

📋 Oversight is required from a federally run Federation for every sport event, including boxing.

💰 Failure to follow official procedures could result in legal consequences and financial loss.

🥊🧠 Obtaining licensing for a chess boxing event proved challenging due to its unique nature.

00:09:41 Title: This Mistake Cost Me $100,000. Summary: The speaker discusses the dangers of non-sanctioned boxing events and the impact of a death at a fraternity charity event. The Nevada State Athletic Commission faces scrutiny for hosting unauthorized boxing events.

🥊 The speaker argues that power slap, a slap fighting organization, is more dangerous than chess boxing and Olympic style boxing.

💀 The death of a participant at an unsanctioned boxing event at UNLV brought scrutiny to the state of Nevada and led to tighter regulations.

🥇 The International Boxing Association was stripped of recognition by the Olympic Committee, leading to a call for National Federations to take action.

00:12:54 A mistake in the boxing event planning has forced a switch to chess kickboxing, but alternatives in other states are being considered.

🥊 The Nevada State athletic commission passed an amendment requiring all boxing events to be registered and sanctioned by USA boxing.

♟️ Due to this amendment, the boxing event had to be changed to chess kickboxing, which posed challenges for novice fighters.

🚩 The organizer had three options: run the event unsafely, run it as kickboxing with a gentleman's agreement, or move the event to another state.

00:16:10 An event organizer reflects on a costly mistake and the pressures of running a successful event. Seeking to prioritize safety and quality, they make a tough decision to postpone the event for a later date.

The speaker had to make a difficult decision about running an event.

They questioned their motives and the potential risks involved.

Ultimately, they decided to prioritize doing the event correctly and not compromising safety.

00:19:24 A major event cancellation led to a disappointing year, but the speaker is determined to create compelling content in 2024 with a supportive audience.

💰 The speaker considers the cancellation of a major event as their biggest failure and a financial loss.

🥊 Despite setbacks, the speaker expresses determination to create captivating content and excel in their field in the future.

🏆 The speaker acknowledges their previous nominations for streaming awards and promises to deliver quality content in 2024.

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