Member Highlight: Billie's Inspiring Fitness Journey

Billie, a dedicated member from Archer City, Texas, shares her fitness journey, highlighting the positive impact of exercise and diet changes.

00:00:02 Member of the month, Billie from Archer City, Texas, discovered Rogue through a YouTube exercise video and fell in love with the power moves.

🏆 Billie is recognized as the Member of the Month for July.

🏡 Billie is from Archer City, Texas and was diagnosed with a condition in January 2022.

📺 Billie discovered Rogue through a YouTube video about power moves and was inspired to try them.

00:01:14 A member shares their experience and journey with a YouTube channel for over a year, discussing personal growth and achievements.

📺 The speaker found a YouTube video that made them feel good and decided to learn more about it.

🔎 They investigated further, signed up for a trial period, and have been a member for a year now.

🏋️ In the past year, the speaker has experienced improvements in their fitness level and can now do jumping jacks, which they were unable to do before.

00:02:27 A member highlights their fitness journey, starting with diet changes, Jumping Jacks, and treadmill workouts. They gradually improve their speed and endurance, taking on challenges like jump rope.

🏋️ The speaker initially felt out of shape and made changes to their diet and exercise routine.

They gradually increased their speed and heart rate during treadmill workouts.

🏃‍♀️ The speaker challenged themselves by attempting new exercises, like jump rope.

00:03:40 A 67-year-old member showcases their progress in jump rope exercises and highlights the positive impact of exercise and diet changes on their life.

💪 Even at 67 years old, the speaker is able to do jump rope exercises for about 15 minutes, which makes them feel accomplished.

📈 The speaker's progress in their fitness journey is acknowledged by others, and they attribute it to regular exercise and diet changes.

👍 The speaker finds motivation to exercise through the support and community provided by a Facebook page for members.

00:04:51 A member shares their motivation for exercising and staying independent, keeping reminders and tracking their progress using resources provided by Claire and Rogue PT.

📝 The video features a member discussing the importance of discipline and regret in staying independent and maintaining mobility.

🏋️‍♀️ The member keeps a reminder of this message on their kitchen counter, along with exercise sheets from an online class.

📋 They track their progress and use resources provided by Claire and Rogue PT to monitor their speed, incline, heart rate, and distance.

00:06:04 A member of the Parkinson's community shares their experience with exercise and finding hope in a supportive organization.

👍 Consistent motivation and encouragement are important for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's.

💪 Physical progress can be achieved through consistent exercise, even in challenging moments.

🙌 Finding hope and support from organizations can make a significant difference in one's journey.

00:07:15 Billie has been a dedicated and hardworking member, making a noticeable difference. We look forward to meeting her in person soon.

👍 Billie is praised for being a dedicated and hardworking member.

💪 The instructors acknowledge Billie's consistent efforts and encourage her to keep up the great work.

👀 They express excitement about meeting Billie in person soon.

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